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Nugent And Roberts.


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Dont read anything into that, pushing for promotion and just require cover in case of injury's, 20 games unbeaten now, 11 wins 9 draws.

Play offs is about the best they can hope for. Reading and Sheff utd seem to be favourites.


Cant see them letting anyone leave.

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£4m for Nugent????? Am I the only one that can see this is 3x his worth? Same old Moyes, sits on his hands until the last few days of the window and then does a last minute dash for players either paying way over the odds or not getting anyone.


Nugent is not worth £4m in a million years. Same as all this nonsense talk of Trundle. There's a very good reason why, at 29, Trundle is playing in the 3rd division of English football- that's his level. Look at Lee Hughes, twice the player of either of these 2, scored 30+ in the Championship, signs to a Prem team and scores 5.


It's about time someone had a work in Moyes' ear and told him he's not manager of Preston anymore and started signing players of Premiership quality instead of 3rd division journeymen and players just because they're from Liverpool.

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By that token, a non league player is not up to playing in the Championship.?????


But Brentford picked up a player for nothing who was playing for Yeading three months ago, Played for Brentford against Sunderland in the cup yesterday and Scored two goals, and was head and shoulders better than any player on the pitch including sunderlands players.





PS..........WHERE WAS IT WE GOT SOUTHALL FROM. ?? unless a player comes up from the academy at their clubs, they all start in the lower leagues, how many players, some of them internationals and still knocking about have started at CREWE. DARIO GRADI SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO THIS CLUB COS HE HAS AN UNCANNY KNACK OF PRODUCUNG GOOD YOUNGSTERS.

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Guest fozzie22

150k for the best goalkeeper ive ever seen....


bury must have kicked themselves for letting him go so cheaply


if only we could get another one like big nev

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The headline of Evertons website is that DM will not add to the squad unless they are right for the team.


Will not add to the team for someone who everyone likes for the first 3 days until he plays for us (remind anyone of Krodrup)


Doesn't sound good to me.

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