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  1. I mean half the job of a spinner is to keep it tight at one end and let your quicks rotate around him too. I think Leach does a pretty decent job of that. There’s still people in Australia who don’t rate Lyon because he can’t take wickets at will (I.e. he’s not a Shane Warne clone) and ignore the other jobs he does for the test team.
  2. It’s not exactly volunteer work either. I’m sure they make a few bob out of it 😉
  3. Also shows how many football fans need to get a grip on reality. Imagine using the same excuses for kidnapping a player’s loved ones or threats (or worse). I like to use the line “football is the most important of the unimportant things in life” in these sort of situations.
  4. Moyes only had him for a season. He was arguably better the next season under Martinez too. The guy was a downhill skier of a player. Only looked interested when the team was travelling well.
  5. He certainly played out wide on the right a lot more. He and Richarlison kept swapping positions to get him more involved in the game. While his crossing out there is quality, I doubt he’d be getting the same amount of time and space against premier league level full-backs though.
  6. I’d rather play Richarlison or Walcott up front than Niasse, so he barely counts as cover. He’s a Hail Mary option off the bench for the last 5-10 mins at best. His dribbling and basic passing are both that bad that you literally don’t want him touching the ball unless it’s for a header or shot. May as well sell him (Niasse) while we can get some token fee for him, hope Kean settles and then we can always sell Tosun in January when teams are desperate for goals to stave off relegation.
  7. This is why I think Sigurdsson is such a good pairing with DCL. Gylfi is probably our best all-round finisher in the team currently (last game permitting), so he helps to make up for Dominic’s lack of goals up front. That’s why I’m hoping Kean can show a bit of improved movement and finishing in the box. It means we can play more of a creator in the AM role, like a Bernard or Iwobi, and not be worried about a lack of scoring power.
  8. I’ll be most curious to see what his role in the team is, especially when the players he’s looking to displace (Bernard, Richarlison and Sigurdsson) have all been big signings too. Most of the talk I ever hear about him is that he’s more of an attacking mid that’s been forced to play out wide for most of his career. He’s supposed to be pretty intelligent with his passing compared to most wide players for instance. He could make for a more mobile alternative to Gylfi that most of us have been crying out for.
  9. I’ve been a supporter since 06-07 for reference. Turner Jacobsen Senderos Williams Martina Van der meyde Gosling Castillo McGeady Klaasen Kone
  10. I certainly wouldn’t rule out him coming here. Seems like he wants a transfer if he’s not seen as a starter at Chelsea and I don’t think there’s a whole heap separating him, Rudiger, Luiz and Christensen.
  11. I still think we need another CB or Holgate to really step up. I think playing Keane and Mina together would be asking for trouble against pacey strikers when they both turn like ships.
  12. Tbh I do think Gana holds some blame for that goal. I don’t think there’s too much wrong with his anticipation, but I don’t think he reacts well to the situation once Martina falls over. Rather than naively trying to win the ball from the side, I think he should be concentrating on just getting his body between Salah and the goal. I think he lets him slip past too easily by trying to tackle him from the side for sure. Also I don’t know how we’ve let another topic turn into a Gana debate 🙄
  13. The thing with Siggy is if you’re expecting him to be the main playmaker, always showing for the ball, then you’re going to be disappointed. That’s clearly Gomes’ role in the team. I see Gylfi more as an attacking third based player. He’s there to score goals, press up with DCL and provide the final ball (I honestly think he’d have more assists with a better striker and Walcott not getting so much game time). While I do wish he’d present to the ball more when we’re struggling to break teams down, he’s certainly done more good than bad. I’d probably rate him as our best attacking player this season.
  14. The club needs to be competing regularly in Europe (Europa league qualifying or otherwise) if it wants to be a big player and break into the league’s current top 6 teams. Playing regularly in the Europa league is how we’re going to expand our squad, lure bigger names to our team and actually become a league contender again. If you want us to finish 8th this year to avoid playing in Europe you may as well starting hoping for 8th place finishes every season.
  15. I can just see us dropping “developing Kenny for the future” as an excuse too. Worked out well for Garbutt like.
  16. I was glad to finally see Richarlison played on the right. Leaves Bernard/Lookman to play their naturally position on the left, forces Richo to look infield for teammates more often, rather than go it alone, and most importantly it keeps Theo off the teamsheet 🤣
  17. Gomes scored a great goal, Pickford made some great saves, and Kenny and Sigurdsson actually looked like they were trying, but I don’t think anyone deserves a vote (except maybe the cat).
  18. I don’t know if it’s a tactical decision or a failing of Sigurdsson himself, but he absolutely has to get himself more involved in games. At least when he gets played as one of the holding mids he actually presents for the ball regularly, but then his defending in that position isn’t up to standard (although the same goes for Gomes unfortunately).
  19. Could be time to drop one of Sigurdsson or Gomes and play Bernard behind the striker. I don’t really know what else to do with the team tbh.
  20. Trust me, it was more than just 3 players he got rid of The cynic in me just expects us to be bringing in a new DoF another few years down the road, at which time we’ll be celebrating him clearing out Brands deadwood I’d rather wait several more months before branding Brands a saviour myself (the same goes for writing off Silva too).
  21. The guy needs a bit of love atm 😊
  22. Weren't we all praising Walsh when we managed to dump the likes of Gibson, Pienaar and Oviedo on Sunderland? I'm not saying I was a fan of Walsh, but I'll be interested to see if the tide starts to turn on Brands if we don't sign anyone over January.
  23. I’m hoping Marco gives DCL a solid run of games upfront after the festive period and sees how Richarlison goes on the right. I’ve been a consistent defender of Walcott, but I think it’s time to give something else a try. Walcott seems tailor made to make an impact off the bench anyway with his pace. In the long run I think we should be looking for a left footer to play that inverted winger role on the right though.
  24. It sounds like a kid trying to fit all of his favourite players into a team on fifa 😂
  25. I think you’re right, but on the flip side Bernard seemed to suit the inside forward role he played with Digne playing LWB, so it might be worth persevering with.
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