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  1. What happened to him? Didn't travel to Dresden.....thought he might feature as we badly needed forwards.
  2. I rarely visit the official site but today at 2am UK time I checked it out hoping for some news on the managerial front. Don't know how long this has been up but a ad for 2016/17 Season Tickets says 'Nothing will be the same'. Can this be true? Apart from a new manager what do we need for this to happen? Can't wait!
  3. I'd like to have given it to Stones today. Found his confidence again and was moving forward, but I gave it to Joel because he made a couple of good saves and cut out a number of crosses and kept us in the game when we were going backwards.
  4. Honest to God, we have to sort another manager out quickly though because if we leave it too long after Martinez's departure current players will be looking to go elsewhere. We have to get a manager with some credentials if we are to attract players to the club. A 'going nowhere' club with a 'done nothing' manager will ensure that we remain 'also rans' in the Prem. To be taken seriously management needs to secure someone with credentials, to show we mean business. I've assumed that Martinez will be going, perhaps at the end of the season if not sooner as we can't afford to be discussing this
  5. I have to admit to being an early fan of Aiden, he looked pretty OK to start and I thought like many that he needed the summer break and a good pre-season to show his true worth. But it never happened. He got starts and never caught the eye, came on as a sub with the same result......never really fulfilled the promise that everyone thought he had. Scotland? Surely! Has Martinez made the same mistake with Niasse? Right at this moment I'm inclined to say yes.
  6. Nah, not into head burying. I face up to reality. However, I realise that your reality may not be the same as mine. Mine says he was a good player.....he hasn't become a bad player, just lost form and his head at times. FFS he's only a kid! When I was his age I knew fuck all....my wife says I havn't changed:) He will come good again, whether he'll be wearing a royal blue shirt when he does I don't know. But it's people who are sharpening the knives as we speak will make it happen. Believe it.
  7. Players do not ever, I mean ever, become bad players overnight and deserve the wrath of the great unwashed. Sure, they lose form or confidence or have to change the way they have been encouraged to play because a new manager has new and different ideas but they are still good players. I honestly feel that Stones has 'new manager syndrome' and is uncomfortable with the new setup. I meant Martinez's idea of being a new manager, as during his first season he played it much as Moyes had done. I think Stones among others is just a victim of Martinez's total change of formation and tactics. So
  8. Not so many moons ago most thought that Stones could walk on water. A stupid error on either his or his agent's part (transfer request) and a few below par games and the knives are out. What a pathetic bunch of arrogant pricks some are. All this 'I could see two years ago that he was crap' shit and many are only too willing to re-watch every game he played to find an error in order to say "I told you so'. The lad ('cos that's what he is) has had his world collapse around him and he will eventually be stronger for it but he needs support not a crowd baying for his head. I wonder if there's an
  9. FFS! How prophetic. Never were truer words said
  10. I'm sorry if the point I am about to make has been said before, but I couldn't read through the whole thread as it hurts too much. Romy, you said it all. Coleman and Lennon worked their arses off, Barkley never showed up, Besic and McCarthy were absolutely f''n woeful, Mori was a liability at times, Robles was really, really lucky with the Giroud 'goal'...he just flapped as badly as Howard had ever done....I could go on. But the thing that really got to me (and I watched the game twice whilst flogging myself with wet celery) was the utterly careless attitude of most of the players inclu
  11. Because of my location, I'm not up to speed on what the situation is now, but I went to the derby game 3 years ago (another draw!)and got the free bus from Sandhills station. It was an easy way to do it but getting back out was a f'n nightmare....just a couple of buses doing the run and there were hundreds of fans waiting. Anyway, I digress. At Bank Hall I saw hundreds of acres of wasteland and disused factories and wharves....doing nothing! Surely the land can be turned into something useful like a stadium. Good rail links, good road access not far away on Scottie Rd.and Stanley Rd., heaps
  12. As far as access goes it would be a massive plus for rail but parking would be a killer! What parts of the city are ripe for improvement these days?
  13. Is this the time to talk about rail access again?
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