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  1. Only season ticket holders can resell through stubhub. When i bought them through Everton I was under the assumption i could just sell them back on stubhub like we always do here in the states haha. Oh well. Maybe someone on here wants them, i'll sell them outside the stadium or just eat the cost.
  2. Anybody in need of 2 tickets to Arsenal - LOWER GWLADYS - Block GT5 - Row PP - Seat 136 and 137. I just bought them yesterday for 42 pounds each and i'd be willing to sell them at a small discount even. This will be my only trip to Goodison for a long time so I'm going the stubhub route to get closer to the pitch. I asked the box office about selling outside the stadium and he said it's illegal. That's true here in the states as well but it happens all the time. Can i sell them before the match or should i be worried about undercover cops?
  3. Agree 10000000%. This comes from the manager though not the players - at least initially. Siggy is capable of being one of the 3 but Marco seems to favor the idea of no10. In my opinion Pep's biggest managerial strength is midfield dynamics. Sure he has a shit ton of money to spend but so do a dozen other teams in the world and they cannot do what he has done. His ability to combine three midfielders and make the whole so much more than the sum of the parts is amazing. I love Gana as a player but he isn'tt suited to this idea of a dynamic three. Gomes shows flashes but in this new theoretical scenario he and Siggy would be too similar (creative but slow and not a great tackler). Until we try to solve this puzzle and create a viable midfield 3 we should expect to always be on the outside looking in. The 'top 6' have better players so until we find a tactical advantage we're cooked.
  4. I'd throw Davies in for Gomes. What do Morgan and Walcott have on Silva? Must be evidence of something that could have him serve the rest of his life in prison. They are total shit yet Walcott starts every game and Schneiderlin brought in from the wilderness and continues to jog around like a gutless bobblehead.
  5. Thank you Wiggy and Plaid. Yes in and out in 24 hours (10pm-10pm) unfortunately. Staying in City Centre so planning an early morning run to the docks to see Bramley-Moore, quick shower and a taxi over to Stanley Park where i'll find the first watering hole and have a few pints. Anyone have tips for Gwladys St End tickets and pubs close to Goodison?
  6. The prospect of a win or draw here combined with a City win thus vaulting City top of the tablle...a lead they never relinquish. The headline/memory will last forever, even if we have to wait until May to etch in stone.
  7. So true. Most would only put forth the effort if they saw Digne with the ball at his feet. DCL willing to work even if it's Coleman, Walcott etc.
  8. Do we give credit to Silva for the Richie/Bernard sub or blame because he should have started the game that way?
  9. Has he done anything right in 2019? It's been an unpopular opinion for awhile now but he's been crap for a long time now. How much longer can we ask the question?
  10. Total crap. Schneiderlin and walcott not deserving. Siggy and Coleman close as well. Where's Davies?
  11. Like it. Don't care much whether it's Tosun or DCL. The issue is Mina isn'tt fit. Keane and Jags are the only fit senior CBs. If Jags doesn't play it's someone from the u23s or someone out of position.
  12. It's happening. First ever Everton game. April 7 v. Arsenal. Now I need your help... Which seats are best? As this will likely be my only trip for the next 20-30 years I want the full experience. Preference would be birds-eye view in a loud section or as close the pitch as possible in a loud section. Also don't mind standing at all so if there are sections that tend to that I'm in. I'll be coming in the night before from Newcastle (my brothers team - hopefully we see them stomp palace). What should we do Sunday morning? Best pubs for lunch and drinks before the game? Thank you all in advance. Words cannot describe how excited I am. The tears are literally flowing just typing this.
  13. Oh mark. Unfortunately this is not an international break at all. It's yet another reminder this season isn'tt where we want it to be. This weekend is the FA Cup, where we would be drawn away to Wimbledon and surely could have advanced. We don't play the following weekend because City and Chelsea play for the Carabao Cup, a competition we lost to Southampton at home in the 3rd round. Which brings us to Cardiff away, 17 days after our last match.
  14. If Silva goes its arteta or bust. We need someone who understands the identity of the club. Hell fucking no to Bielsa, he’s openly admitted to spying on teams. Wouldnt mind Howe or Unsworth but I know that will be unpopular.
  15. Glad he reacted to Walcott horror show. Gylfi tucks in off the right to support Cenk. In theory love the change, let’s see if it comes off.
  16. Think so? Why would attitude change from this season to next? It’s looking more and more like he could end up being a flop. He’s been a passenger for 3 months now.
  17. Seriously. We were clearly watching two different games. Walcott was the worst player on the pitch by a country mile. Country mile.
  18. Good half until the inevitable set piece goal. Walcott is horrible, add him to the summer out list. There’s a player in Davies just need some patience to let it come out. Back four playing well. Pickford decision making not improving at all over the course of the entire season. Worrying that.
  19. Still standing like a statue on the pitch from Saturday. Joke of a performance of the bench. Fully deserves dropping.
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