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  1. Not quite - puts us in the last 8 - quarterfinals. Big break as well to that round, not contested until late December.
  2. Still complete crickets on sales - Connolly, Pennington, Beni, Besic, Bolasie, Sandro, Tosun and loans - Gibson, Branthwaite, Simms, Broadhead, Adeniran.
  3. You're absolutely right. Sorry i thought we forked over a couple hundred thousand in a transfer fee/tribunal. On a free this is even more incredible.
  4. Considering how the market has evolved in the last 10 years this has shades of Seamus type value. Long way still but certainly stood out today.
  5. Oh wow didn’t know Palace could do that, figured it was 75k max. You’re absolutely right, 80k won’t work then haha.
  6. If Rom's first touch was dreadful Kean's is atrocious. Complete cinder blocks. As someone mentioned stop trying to get his back to goal and let him loose out in the wide areas to run at defenders. Rom ended up being great for us with headers and inside 12 yards. That's where Kean will succeed, not as a hold up striker.
  7. Colombia is hardly the whole world Not looking good for Iwobi. No sign of Besic or Bolasie either. Almost got it. Interesting no Gibson in the squad. Must be close to a loan move?
  8. Took a few mins on lunch to take a look at other PL clubs and how they approached this round. Found it even more interesting than anticipated. So far Newcastle, West Ham, Crystal Palace, West Brom and Fulham have announced lineups. # of starters from PL game to start Cup game: Newcastle: 1 Javier Manquillo West Ham: 1 Issa Diop Palace: 0 West Brom: 1 Dara O'Shea Fulham: 2 Denis Odoi and Neeskens Kebano For those saying most of these are just trying to avoid relegation I completely agree with you but wouldn't we also expect their fans to say avoiding relegation is more
  9. Espn+ baby! They've got contracts for both cups.
  10. It's fantasy football thinking but I'd like this deal on one of two conditions: We pay 30mil and give them two players (Delph, Siggy, Walcott, Tosun, Bolasie) We pay 15mil and give them Iwobi Also if he's as desperate as it appears to leave we should play hardball over wages. 80k max.
  11. I'd also like to get players who need a loan/sale a runout for potential suitors - J Virginia, Branthwaite, Gibson, Siggy, Besic etc.
  12. With all the craziness in terms of last season ending, short preseason and quick turnaround I'm hoping for full rotation but the same shape. Would like us to keep the same shape as much as possible. Lossl/Virginia Kenny Branthwaite Gibson Nkounkou Gordon Besic Davies Siggy Bernard Kean Besic because Delph and Gbamin aren't fit. Davies and Siggy in the middle is a nightmare. Struggled with this one - we have too many 'wingers' if we're going to continue to play a 'CM' at the LM position. No space for Walcott or Iwobi here but I'd be comfortable if either was played in
  13. Sorry for being tardy to the party, didn't get to watch until last night. Longest time I've avoided football news and social media in a LONG time. Because that match was so amazing and my/our expectations have skyrocketed for the season I'd just like to point out a few things moving forward: 1. Hopefully we made Spurs look bad but I'm not confident that Spurs were ready for that match. They looked woeful. 2. Team shape - absolutely fantastic. It allows every player to thrive. Carlo is even beyond my wildest dreams. Just an incredible footballing mind. 3. Defined roles - I love
  14. Spurs 1 - 2 Everton Walcott thank you for doing this again Steve. Much appreciated by all who participate.
  15. Yea fair enough I'm inclined to agree...especially since that would be a very tedious search. Even if we want to assign different amounts of credit to Brands, let's just continue to marvel that Carlo is our manager
  16. Again I think we agree on this we're just not understanding each other's points I guess. I'm not trying to make him out to be a genius. I just want to give him credit for getting these contracts right. I completely understand he gave long contracts to younger players as you'd expect. My point is that in order to attract names like Allan, James and Doucoure you have three things to sell: winning/Europe, contract, and 'project'. We obviously don't have winning/Europe. That leaves contract and project. From Brands' perspective it would have been much easier and quicker to sweeten the pot for thes
  17. Absolutely!! At worst we clear out Walcott on 100k, Sandro on 65k, and Bolasie on 75k. We could also be in a position to clear out Bernard on 120k, Gylfi on 100k, Delph on 80k and Tosun on 60k as they'll have one year left on their deals.
  18. In many regards I agree. Plenty of dicks out there doing exactly that. Where I think this situation is different is in the profile of the three signings. Add in Richarlison and Digne and you could argue these three signings are immediately 3 of our top 5 players in the squad. To sign marquee players on team-friendly contracts at a club like ours is very difficult to do. The credit is more down to the profile of the player rather than the age I guess, should have been more clear.
  19. More or less this is exactly what happened with Zouma and Holgate.
  20. Today. In the hub of one of the largest and most relevant cities in the world. As an American Evertonian I find this both unfathomable and encouraging.
  21. Nice spot - that means a lot!!! Was hoping that would be the case with James and the #10.
  22. As impressed as I am with the quality of the signings, I'm equally if not more impressed by the contracts. It seems like for far far too long it was 'you're a new signing here's a 5 yr deal'. Never understood that the club takes on all of the risk. Allan is 29 and his three year deal takes him to 32. James is 29 and his 2 year deal with an option takes him to 31/32. Doucoure is 27 and his 3 year deal with an option takes him to 30/31. If it's working out great sign him up to an extension and if it's not you don't get stuck with Martina/Niasse/Gylfi/Bolasie/Besic/Tosun.
  23. IN: Allan, James, DoucoureOUT: Schneiderlin, Hornby, Baines (retired), DowellLOAN IN: LOAN OUT: MarkeloYOUTH: Nkounkou YOUTH pro deals: Markelo, Ouzounidis, Quirk, Kristensen, McAllister, Hagan, Onyango CONTRACT EXT: Branthwaite, Keane, GordonOFFICIALLY RELEASED: Stekelenberg(Ajax) , Niasse, Martina, Garbutt, Feeney (Sunderland), Denny (Salford), Foulds, Adedoyin, Mampala, Phillips (Huddersfield)
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