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  1. Long story short I have a ticket to the game I can't use in the Upper Gwladys. First one to send me a private message with their address and I'll get it there by Saturday. I paid 42 pounds for it but will gladly accept 30 pounds.
  2. No idea if this was the initial diagnosis and the club kept it close to the vest but in my lifetime watching sports - the real football, american football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse etc. - this is the most remarkable recovery from injury i can remember. Another chance for Goodison to create an indelible memory when he first gets back on the pitch.
  3. See what you're going for here but all it does is reiterate the abomination that is Steve Walsh's transfer business. 80m always buys you: Kovacic, Raul Jimenez and Martinelli with 4m to spare. Or Lozano, Brandt, Demiral.
  4. Absolutely if it's a loan with option to buy. Other than a few months wages and a tiny fee we take on little risk. Absolutely worth it to never see Schneiderlin again. Would also allow Andre the time to get properly fit and have him start up again in preseason.
  5. Picked the derby! Anybody have 3 tickets to sell?
  6. We did. He’s signed for Real Madrid. Would love to know how close we were in the summer, if at all.
  7. Pickford Coleman Holgate Mina Digne Sidibe Delph Davies Bernard Kean DCL
  8. The orange/salmon one can be seen from space. No issues there. I love it by the way, hope we see it tmw.
  9. Quote from Brands yesterday - “Why a squad of 23? We think that’s enough to have a good squad to compete and also gives an opportunity for those in our academy.” Brands’ ultimate Everton squad would comprise 23 players - 3 goalkeepers, 8 defenders, 6 midfielders and 6 forwards. So what in mind looking ahead to summer where the majority of the work is likely to be done: GK: Pickford, Lossl, JVirginia ALL SET DEF: Holgate, Keane, Digne, Mina, Coleman, Kenny NEED CB and LB MID: Delph, Gylfi, Morgan, Andre, Gbamin, Davies ALL SET FWD: Richarlison, Walcott, Iwobi, Bernard, DCL, Kean ALL SET Only point I'm trying to make is the balance of what needs to come in vs. out. Of course we'd prefer different options to Gylfi, Morgan, Walcott but if that's going to happen they have to be sold first. The only exception being in defense where we need new bodies. We won't be adding more numbers to the squad in MID or FWD. We also have quite a bit to sell off Tosun, Bolasie, Sandro, Besic, Pennington, Connolly, Beni, Dowell
  10. Brilliant move by the club. Perhaps they do know what they're doing
  11. Last year was so great we’re doing it again!! Down to 4 weekends. 2 home, 2 away. This time around question about away tickets. Will it be possible to get 3 tickets in the away end for Arsenal or Chelsea? It looks like they sell out just to season ticket holders. Would anyone be willing to buy 3 and I’ll send money via PayPal?
  12. From the beginning this whole project has been fucked. The allure of a project isn't in higher compensation and overnight success. It's like a startup company. Get in early and work your ass off for nothing in the beginning and watch as you and your colleagues, who have now likely become your friends as well, accomplish things you hoped, but weren't sure, were possible. We set about this all wrong and now our wage bill might be beyond repair. I want the Cahills, Osmans, Jagielkas, Pienaars, Colemans, Baines'. Players for whom playing for a club of Everton's stature was aspirational and not something to be taken lightly. The only players who seem to have that are DCL, Davies, Cenk, Bernard and Richarlison (because he's so humble). For the most part the rest of the lot would rather be playing elsewhere. Some of them still play hard (Pickford, Digne, Holgate, Mina, Gomes, Kean, Delph, Sidibe) and others do not (Keane, Schneiderlin, Gylfi, Walcott, Iwobi). Project is not synonomous with cash. Invest in youth, invest in a true team.
  13. This is abysmal. We'll be recovering from this for 2-3 more years to temper expectations accordinly. ARRIVALS 17/18 Players Club Transfer sum Gylfi Sigurdsson Swansea £44.46m Michael Keane Burnley £25.65m Jordan Pickford Sunderland £25.65m Davy Klaassen Ajax £24.30m Cenk Tosun Besiktas £20.25m Theo Walcott Arsenal £20.25m Nikola Vlasic Hajduk Split £9.72m Henry Onyekuru KAS Eupen £7.20m Sandro Ramírez Málaga CF £5.40m Wayne Rooney Man Utd Free transfer Cuco Martina Southampton Free transfer Eliaquim Mangala Man City Loan
  14. Domestically I'd have Cantwell Choudhury Doucoure Dunk Egan Lascelles McNeil Mooy Ward-Prowse. Also think we try to steal a march on Havertz if James doesnt come in. Ikone and Ziyech are other options. Lastly think S Dest from Ajax could be a good solution if Carlo is sticking with that hybrid RB/RM role Sidibe has.
  15. Would give my right nut for Gana, McCarthy and Besic instead of Schneiderlin and Gylfi. Effort and less talent over talent and less effort every day. Stating the obvious we have some but not enough with both.
  16. 15m in a heartbeat but who will realistically take him...won't be West Ham sadly. Turkey? USA? Doesn't strike me as one to go to China. Germany, France, Spain cant afford his wages. One of the Italian teams (Roma, Lazio, Napoli, Fiorentina, Milan, Inter)?
  17. Buy: CB CM resign Baines Sell: Keane Gylfi Morgan Walcott Tosun Bolasie Sandro. Get out all of you.
  18. Don't think it's hyperbolic to say yesterday will be responsible for the results we see over the next 18 months - perhaps longer. We either continue to rot and pick daisies on the pitch until Carlo is sacked (not his fault) or he/Brands wield the ax and somehow figure out how to turn this pile of shit into a football TEAM.
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