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  1. Bill

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yeah I agree, we need better than those.
  2. Bill

    Fred Pickering

    Yeah Mike 3 of them goals was in a 10 nil win over the USA. Plus he was up against some great strikers in the 60s, Geoff Hurst, Roger Hunt, and Jimmy Greaves to name just a few. Matt, I didn't see that and this Rubes thread is the first I heard or seen of it. 👓
  3. Bill

    Fred Pickering

    Shame the Club didn't come out with anything about this, played about 100 games for us and scored over 50 odd goals, not bad considering he was a converted fullback from Blackburn Rovers. R I P. Fred.
  4. Bill

    Cardiff (Away) Tuesday February 26th

    They can be whatever you want to call them, but i call them Barm cakes. https://www.fostersbakery.co.uk/blog/bunsbapsorbarms
  5. Bill

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Cardiff 0-2 Everton Gomes
  6. I'd be interested in seeing the stats on Gana and Davies i thought Davies was up and down more so than Gana. Davies gets it for me for trying to drive the team forward a bit quicker
  7. Bill

    Ademola Lookman

    I'd choose Bernard over both of them.
  8. Bill

    Kieran Dowell

    He'll fit in very well then, I think our team is full of them.
  9. Bill

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Watford 1-2 Everton. Gomes
  10. Love to see the stats for most goals conceded in time added on, we must be well up there.
  11. Bill

    Tom Davies

    ?? I think hes come in before and he has played well, but then gets left out again 🤔
  12. Bill

    Tom Davies

    He cant get the consistency if he plays two games and is then left out for six, the Manager needs to pick what he thinks is his best team and let them all get the consistency.
  13. Bill

    Watford (Away) Saturday February 9th

    Lookman has done very little for me, he's shown a few moments of trickery now and again but absolutely no finished product, Richarlison back on his own wing and Bernard in place of Walcott. would be my only changes.
  14. Bill

    Tom Davies

    He had a good night, I'm pleased for him.
  15. Bill


    Reminds me a bit of Lukaku. strolls arround looking pissed off all the time, and hes a miserable bastard he never smiles or looks as tho he enjoys football, another thing that reminds me of Lukaku is the start he had to the season which was quite good but now hes downed his tools and is a bit of a liability. He did the same at Watford and was benched for most of the season after Xmas.
  16. Bill

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 1-3 Man City. Zouma.
  17. Bill

    Tom Davies

    I agree with you on how they play mark, but we would be in a lot more trouble without their 20 goals. Playing shit but still scoring goals can be forgiven. ala Lukaku. 😊
  18. Bill

    Tom Davies

    Mark said .... Sigurdsson who plays god knows where and offers nothing. Zero. Nada. Fuck all. I want the pair of them dropped. Richarlison because he's a moaning, lazy piece of crap that doesn't have a clue how to beat his man. And Sigurdsson because he doesn't get involved really and his set pieces are an absolute waste of time. So what is he there for? We won't miss him, Won't miss the 20 goals they've scored between them. ?😀
  19. Bill

    Wolverhampton (Home) Saturday February 2nd

    We are so easy to play against, teams just sit back in numbers and know we can't penetrate them, we move forward at a snails pace ... All our opponents are back and marking us, none of our players are free for a pass, the fullbacks and midfielders have to turn and pass to the central defenders who immediately start playing keep ball with Pickford. When are we going to change the zonal marking, I think we are now the team with most concedes from dead ball situations, we have no leaders / organisers / fighters and nobody who plays with any passion. Very very poor.
  20. Bill

    Predict Our Result: 2018/2019 Season

    Everton 1 - 1 Wolves Bernard.
  21. I reckon the reasoning behind those great stats is probable because he's better at his job than everyone else. 😎
  22. Bill

    January Plans

    Has he got a good 1st touch. ? 😉
  23. I could probably tackle better than half the present team, even with my walking stick. 😁
  24. I hear what your saying Dunc, but who in our team has been any more than bang average. Could possibly say gana and like you said, Who comes in for him ? We have no leaders or nobody who can tackle in the team, Besic at least plays as though he wants to win. We need players who show a bit of spirit, he is one who can do that. Obviously not going into the transfer Market so he might be the best option.