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  1. At last. We are working on building a team that will fill the new stadium. I think happy times will be had in the near future, I hope I'm still around to enjoy them. 👍 😁.
  2. Or maybe he's said eff off and he's going to the Airport.😊
  3. Fleetwood or Port Vale in the third round, if we get through the second. ☺
  4. Good guess, they belong to somebody else, we haven't signed them yet. 😃
  5. Medicals today for Him and Rodriguez. 👍
  6. French television show Telefoot claims that Doucouré has made signing with the Toffees a priority, despite interest from other clubs. According to the media outlet via GFFN, the Frenchman has rejected interest from Wolves, Fulham and Hertha Berlin as he looks to join Carlo Ancelotti at Goodsion Park. We have been told the 27-year-old is likely to get his wish and a move back to the Premier League is the most probable outcome, but it is not the only option with a deal yet to be agreed
  7. We also have bgamin so its not a disaster if we don't get him. Allan, Gomes, and Bgamin might be OK.
  8. I haven't had any probs at all, Ipad and Laptop have been working OK, I must say that the subtle changes are quite nice. I bet you thought you'd never hear that from me. 😃
  9. He doesn't look too bad at all, but unfortunately he'll be lucky to get anywhere near a game this coming season. He's behind Holgate, Mina, Keane and we are looking to buy another. Maybe out on loan would be better for him to get game time.
  10. Almost all the players we have been linked with have already been signed by other teams. Once again we will be left with the players that nobody else wants. I can see another shitty season coming up so we might as well forget the joy of the new stadium because we'll never have a team to fill it.
  11. Brands has been here for a few years and he brought in most of the rubbish we are now trying to get rid of.
  12. I think we have been conned big time, we got two men Brands and Ancelotti who supposedly are top men in their profession brought in to make us a better team. We are as bad now as we have been for a long time, comparing players like Jagielka, Pienaar, Baines, Lukaku, Gana, and Cahill, to some of the dross we have today shows us that if anything we have gone Backwards. Are they here just for a big pay packet because they don't seem to be doing much improving.
  13. Who is he,? Never heard of him, never seen him play in the prem if he has.
  14. If we can keep Jean Paul fit he might be the better choice, Gana is a good player but he's close to the age I don't think we should buy, if he was free it would be a different matter.
  15. You should be OK for the 2023 season, should be another 14,000 season tickets to be had in the new venue. 😊
  16. Don't shoot the Messenger Mike, they're not my words. 😀
  17. Yeah I don't agree with buying anybody on or over 30, was just replying to people saying he was so useless. Think he's a bit better than useless 38 goals in 42 games.
  18. Hasn't this guy just beat Messi for the golden boot. ?? 😮
  19. Picked out as being one of the worst buys of the season. Alex Iwobi: The winger was a breath of fresh air when he burst into the Arsenal team for the first time. However, it was really no surprise to see the north Londoners cash in on a mega £35m for the Nigerian last summer. It's safe to say that the Gunners aren't missing him. Everton royally wasted their money on Iwobi who scored just once and failed to contribute a single assist in 2019/20. He is just 24 but you have to feel he is lacking the potential to make it an adequate level
  20. I don't think Ancelotti has been any improvement whatsoever, why the fook he has them playing out from the back across the six yard line baffles me, got caught out so many times it was ridiculous. Then when we get close to their half we stop and start going backwards again, nobody can put a decent cross into their box. You didn't see Bournemouth playing it back to their goalkeeper, when they had the ball every thing was forward and put into our box, today we were awful and they pissed all over us. Thank god we don't have to see any more for a couple of months.
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