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  1. Yeah just added an edit, SSN saying no truth in it
  2. Rumour going round that he's asked lampard to let him leave. ☺ Chelsea denying it.
  3. Lookman having a Medical today, £22.5 m fee agreed.
  4. Not odd at all, he has been a good player but as I said 33 years old and he can only go downwards now. We've already bought a player coming to the end of his career, both will require high wages and there is likely to be no sell on fee. Last season we had one of the youngest teams in the prem, I dont want to go in the opposite direction and end up with the oldest. That's why I dont like to see players of thirty coming here, if that's a common theme Pete, I'm guilty of it.
  5. Manzukic !! I hope not he's 33 years old.
  6. Yeah , just edited it Mike.
  7. Most people are assuming that Gana will be moving on, I hope not but if he does I would want a better replacement than Delph.
  8. Dont think he did a lot to win those medals cos he hardly played, I could have got some winners medals at that club, I only had to come on as a 90th minute sub in half a dozen games and I would have qualified. 😁
  9. To see the stats for both these players would open a few peoples eyes, in the past four seasons both these players have played about 60 games, I would think about 20 of those where as a sub. Delph has 4 goals and 3 assists, Davies has the same 4 goals but one more assist 4, considering that four seasons ago Davies was only a 17 year old novice, but Delph was in his prime and surrounded by world class players I just can't see why we are thinking of buying him, he is no better than what we already have.
  10. So is Delph in my estimation, if Besic does go to the championship dont be surprised if he makes it into the Championship team of the season next year. 😊
  11. I think he would be better cover than Delph.
  12. Waste of time this one, nobody else wants him so he's never going to move us to the next level, I know the fee is looked at as cheap but its his wages and his age that we dont need. Would rather give Davies more time as cover for midfield.
  13. Roy given out but never touched the ball. !!
  14. Fabulous start from England Aussie are 15 for 3 wkts down.
  15. They're Very popular Mike, lots of people are dying to go there. 😊
  16. Please sweep this Delph fella under the carpet.
  17. Think Onyekuro is one we need to have a look at.
  18. Surprised they didn't give the fans a chance to say goodbye in a pre-season friendly. Was a brilliant buy for us.
  19. might be getting mixed up with Archie Gemmill.😁
  20. Not sure if anybody is old enough to remember Bernie Wright, a striker that Catterick brought from Walsall. He played against us in a cup match and terrorised our defenders, Catterick signed him on the basis of that game, only played about a dozen games, he got sent off twice and had his contract cancelled for a "training ground incident" I think he flattened one of the coaches. He was a hard bastard always scrapping and he should have been a Boxer cos he couldn't play football.
  21. I know who the Manager is But does he coach them or has he some back room staff to do it.
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