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  1. I agree with you Mike to a degree, I don't mind an argument I've had plenty on this forum myself, but when you visit threads on here most are ruined with the same people arguing and the same posts going backwards and forwards, Its becoming so boring and killing all the pleasure.
  2. No point Steve I would be reporting dozens of posts on 3 or 4 threads. I go on many threads to see the latest posts and all I see is the same people having another argument. I'm no longer a steward but if I was this would never have got so bad. Like I said this forum is going down the pan.
  3. This forum is going down the pan. Time to give out some suspensions.
  4. Yeah just in Steve May 1939, if you check the date on my profile I started again when I was mid 70. Now I'm only 11years old. 😀
  5. Your lucky Palf how would you feel if you were born in the 30s. 😟
  6. Was going to put the pic up for you Matt, says I'm only allowed maximum total size 0.02mb. I've tried putting smaller pics on but it won't have it. Does anybody else have the same problem. ?
  7. Tommy Eglington one of the many Irishmen we had in the old days. Great little winger and if I had to compare him to anybody it would be a mixture of Johnny Morrisey and present day Ryan Giggs. Irish international along with EFC Captain Peter Farrell but I can't tell you how he dressed or what type of person he was so sorry about that but all i can tell you is that he was a bloody good footballer. Like to see some of your writings when its done, good luck with it mate.
  8. Its now nine o'clock and Off Topic is telling me that a new post from Holystove went in an hour ago, I go to look and there's nothing there.
  9. Yeah you might think so but the forum shows there is a new post in there but I can never find one. Has somebody moved a post to a different thread and I'm not seeing it. Its annoying when you wait five minutes for all the adverts to load up and then discover that there isn't a post after all.
  10. Why do i keep going into the {off topic} to look at a post, but can never find one in there.
  11. I still have a Toffeetalk emergency thread on my forum and its there to be used if TT goes down for any length of time, fortunately we only ever used it once because its is usually only down for a short time. But its there if its ever needed. 👍
  12. Got an error message most of the morning so unable to get on site. Was the direct debit a bit late going in for this month.
  13. Transfer window turned out to be a Damp squib but I've said before that we have enough to see us through till the Summer. Schneiderlin, Delph, Davies, Sigurdson, I know are not the greatest midfield but with Gomes and J P gamin to come back and Iwobi, and Bernard able to play there in an emergency I think its enough to see us through to summer.
  14. Besic and Vlasic would have been better than what we have at the moment
  15. They will have Suarez back in Summer and Richy is not in the same class.
  16. £85 million bid from Barca turned down. Wow.
  17. Running out of time to bring any in, looks like we're stuck with what we have.
  18. There are far too many of them, not only the Headers and Footers but if you scroll down a page there's an advert between every couple of posts, so f*****g annoying.
  19. Dr Who Maybe didn't start out on kids TV but it was aimed at kids, and still is.
  20. Another programme originally made for Kids, the minute i hear the intro i switch off. Not sure but i think it started off on kids TV, still for kids.
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