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  1. 3 England caps and deemed to be a star of the future, where the hell did he go wrong to end up scratching round for a club. Even Blackburn didn't want him ffs.
  2. Can't blame Keane for that, most of the day he was dragged out of position because Coleman continually got stranded up the field, and Finn Balor that's why you could get a bus through the middle. Think I'd be tempted to play Sidibe in the next game he might be the better defensive option. I've noticed that since Bernard has been left out we have tried the attacking from the opposite wingback and its not working Cos Coleman has no final delivery, Digne and Bernard was our best attacking outlet and its gone to pot since the Manager changed it.
  3. I think you'll struggle to find any team that wins more away than at home, it happens to all clubs even the "Top six".
  4. If anybody needs to play its got to be Kean, he needs to play regularly to bring him up to speed.
  5. Glad we're playing them at home, we might beat one of these shit teams.
  6. Gana is the biggest miss for us, teams seem to get to our back 4 so easily without any opposition.
  7. Keane was hung out to dry by Coleman, he was having to play right back as well as centre half, Coleman was stranded upfield every time he lost the ball and his attacks broke down.
  8. Think it has to be Digne. Wish to fook we would stop Coleman from marauding down the wing cos he achieves fook all, if he doesn't overun the ball and lose it, his attempted crosses dont get past the 1st man. Was no help in defense because Keane had to play as a full back all day.
  9. I got the score wrong but as usual we down tools when the going gets tough. Fookin shite.
  10. Delph has to be subbed or we end up with 10 men.
  11. Here we go again we could go third but what happens, we get nose bleeds if we go too high and end up waving the white flag. 2-1 to Bournemouth.
  12. I'm sure every club does a similar thing but We are Everton and probably do it better than others.
  13. Just looking forward to the last episode of "The loudest voice". About Roger Ailes Chairman and CEO of Fox news and TV, he built it from scratch for Rupert Murdock. Russell Crowe gives a great performance as Roger.
  14. 😁😁😁 I didn't think anybody would be daft enough to look it up Mike. Two brownie points for that. 😀
  15. I think its our record against the bottom 6 you need to worry about.
  16. Pete wouldn't agree with you on that point. 😀
  17. Still frightens me when going in for a tackle, and with Keane alongside I was surprised how easy Wolves won the ball from crosses, corners, and throw ins.
  18. If they're in the bottom half of the league we always struggle, we've already given Villa their one and only win.
  19. He might improve if he could keep hold of the ball.
  20. I replied to the comment ...... "Hit the ball true and with intention", which is what DCL did but he got slaughtered for it. The fact that it didn't go in the net makes no difference , it was hit true and with intent. 😉
  21. We struggled with corners, free kicks, and throw ins. Lucky to get away with it today. Keans 1st touch is similar to Lukaku.
  22. I think he would have liked to stay here, you never know he might come back in January.
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