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  1. I stand corrected. Its like all the other rules that the big nobs bring in, start off with a flurry and then get forgotten. Pulling and shoving at corners and free kicks, started with a few penalty's and now its worse than ever, there should be half a dozen penalty's every match but the refs always chicken out.
  2. I think it was Niasse, and he's the only one, I don't think there's ever been any more since. https://realsport101.com/news/sports/football/retrospective-action-for-diving-is-failing/
  3. It didn't go unnoticed that united had their best spell (if there was one) after he went off.
  4. I'm beginning to have naughty dreams about him. He's fast becoming my favourite player.
  5. Looking at that game today, you wouldn't buy Lukaku to replace DCL, he's looking like a good centre forward the last half a dozen games, i think he's going to be very very good.
  6. You see what I mean, you couldn't do that with strangers on any other forum. 😁😁
  7. . No need to apologise mate, a lot of people on here have the wrong impression of me, maybe I'm not that good at putting things across. Now let me give you a bit of history about myself, apart from the site owner Louis, nobody has been on TT longer than me, I'm now into my sixteenth year, I was a mod for eight years before I gave it up after a disagreement with my fellow mods. I went away and decided as a project I'll build a forum of my own which I did and i still have it today, it doesn't do much business in fact its hardly used but its somewhere I can go when TT is offline. I So I toddle off to my forum and play around with it, I may change the colour scheme or add some more Everton pics in the albums, but always going back to TT to see if its back online yet because I won't go to any other EFC forum, you can't have any banter, conversations, or even an argument with complete strangers. Thats the reason why I try to get Toffeetalkers to go to a forum where you don't feel like an outsider, you can enjoy it much better when you know everybody. Once TT is back online you will all go back to it, as I will because its in my blood an will always continue to be.
  8. Yeah when i checked back from the game at half time there was Eight. 🙌
  9. Look back on the traffic for other Saturdays, usually 15 -20 people on home or away.
  10. Bill


    Happy birthday mate, have a good one.😀
  11. All the left side for me, Zouma, Digne and Bernard. Zouma just gets it.
  12. Its a serious matter when people know your online interests.
  13. Leicester lose last night and wolves lose today, do we take advantage and move up to seventh ? Do we fuck.
  14. Here we are on Saturday match day and there's six people on the site, it keeps on losing the members.
  15. Shukes, you need an Android device phone, TV or tablet for this one.  https://www.potatostreams.net

  16. Once adverts come on to a forum all your information is known to other parties, this is why the adverts are personal, I'm getting inundated with fire surrounds and Gas fires because I was searching on line last week. I,m sure others on here can recognise the adverts they are getting can be linked to online searches they have previously done.
  17. Sent you a pm, you will be able to watch it on there.
  18. Which is why I'm asking the question, its the same host but to avoid paying an increase on what is already a very costly contract Louis has accepted the addition of adverts. Would have been better trying for something cheaper. I've said all I'm going to say on this subject, just thought I'd let my feelings about it be known.
  19. In both of the threads about the site being down and the incoming of the adverts, i've noticed that Mike, Matt, Steve and yourself have replied with a comment of some kind but there's been nothing from Louis, I believe that if people are donating money to Louis for this site they have a right to ask the question. Sorry if this upsets anybody but I can't see the need to pay premium prices for a 2nd class host.
  20. I think you and I know that's not true Mark, I've already given instances of several other host sites for less than half the price of this one, I'm sorry but if you are paying premium money for premiem hosting, you should not be getting inundated with Adverts.
  21. Don't enjoy this site as much as I did, its a lot slower because the adverts come up before any thread and those adverts seem to be getting bigger, half a page some of them. Interested to see the amount of traffic thats dropped off, Since the adverts the site has been very quiet.
  22. We got PSG and Man Utd amongst other top clubs looking to sign Gana, and Pete is still trying to convince people that he is the worst player ever to wear the Blue shirt. My heart bleeds for you Pete, I bet you can't sleep at night.
  23. Going to be difficult to hold on to him, at the moment he is the best in the league at his job so lots of top clubs will be looking to get him.
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