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    Jokes thread

    great post mike lol lol lol
  2. I always used to vote for the libdems but that was many years ago not sure who will get my vote in the future possibly be the party who knocks on my door first
  3. I am with matt on this may as well ask if we are better off without Joe Mercer yes I know he is dead and buried now but he used to platy for us as did gana
  4. who in hell are you talking about stevo
  5. fair enough it is all about opinions anyway
  6. coleman was not worthy of the vote either
  7. scneiderlin was sent off so he couldn't get the vote. the others were ok by comparison to the rest of the team ...
  8. too right we are off the pace off target and we stank so much in front of goal we stank as much as stale fish that had gone off why? well I can only surmise it is due to the name.... Everton we start badly every season these days at least we don't always get beaten as far as Mot M goes not many there today can have much hope of getting my vote apart perhaps from Pickford.
  9. fer gawrds sake guys give him a fucking chance his first game and he is as rusty as hell and he is still being criticised
  10. I am still breathing Stee lol (although it hurts like hell lol it shows I am still alive )
  11. rofl Matt that whole thing was hysterical
  12. I am watching The Outpost and I am really enjoying it
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-49084796?intlink_from_url=&link_location=live-reporting-story
  14. I do mate I really do. it is damned frustrating though to not be believed when the fact is clear. (and I need the car)
  15. how many shuld I have to keep my licence? this is not the first time and every time I am told they just want to let me keep the licence … yet every time I get a positive result they send me for another this time they took the licence away first ! All I want is to have a licence to get me to the medical again surely that is not too much to ask ?
  16. true but with my specs on I can see things a lot better Romey ,, but yes my eyesight is not as good as it used to be. however this goes back a couple of years, and I have always been totally honest with them it makes a mockery of being honest imo. if I was a crook or criminal of some kind I would not say anything and I could still drive many cars as well as my own and I could drive to the doctors at any time.
  17. I hate being shafted by the law, I have been totally honest with the DVLA and now I have had my driving licence withdrawn until I can arrange a 'kin' medical with my doctor so I have a new car I can not drive and a doctor who is about ten miles away with no way of getting there even if I make an appointment …. ARRGH!
  18. after the initial post it may be entertaining but what about Boris could be more fun
  19. I remember the games we used to have like throwing a penguin and pipes and stuff like that, I was wondering if it would be feasible to have one game per summer break to keep a friendly interest in the site when there is no football to talk about, just one game we can change every season and we can play as often as we like and we can have a summer champion. and Mike can not compete to make it fair lol lol (joke)
  20. Hello and welcome young man I m a denizen of wales myself despite being a real scouser I live in the north though at the moment. enjoy the site for what it is and avoid the brexit topic as much as possible is the best advice I can give you have fun though
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