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  1. Or like a sensible business would, include some performance based clauses. Good and bad. "If you do not average a win % or average points per game by X date, you will lose the right for payment of the remaining contract value" It's not hard. Football seems to be the only job where you can do shit and still earn more money.
  2. Alarmingly he's always been like that. So who the fuck 'scouted' him also needs a P45.
  3. He's not likely to walk with his projected severance payment. It fire or fall for us now. I genuinely believe we're in big trouble. Players don't look coached. They're not playing for the manager. Too many holes in the squad . Too much chopping and changing. Too many new players. It's a mess. We probably do need a 'man manager' to come in and pull these players together and give them something consistent to work with.
  4. Anyway, couldn't get much worse at present... http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/david-moyes-lined-up-sensational-11385759.amp Oh. Yes it can.
  5. Aha. I'm an Everton fan Mike, pretty sure that makes me a realist.
  6. People are surprised that he's a one trick pony?
  7. If Koeman doesn't go in the next week, what's the chances we'll get the first plans released... Worked before. The distraction from unrest plot.
  8. This. Said that he was a MOTD player, was laughed at.
  9. Looks more and more like the players have also stopped playing for him.
  10. Did this new obsession stem from World of Tanks by any chance
  11. His goal tonight was messi-esque. I shit you not.
  12. And Unsworth is worthy of said tshirt is he? Based on what?
  13. I concur. And everything that goes through Jim White either turns out bullshit or wrong. I don't like that relationship at all. It feels forced and designed to keep Evertonians happy. So far it's had the opposite effect. Stop with the Unsworth shouts. Jesus. *Everton approaches young promising player to sign for club, told Unsworths been after him for weeks, "who?"...signs for a manager who's actually done something as a first team coach. The pull of Ancellotti alone, would convince players to join. The guy is a winner. My first choice would still be Tuchel though, with the young squad he'd inherited, we'd be class. His coaching techniques are lightyears ahead of most top level coaches and works hard on chemistry and link up relationships. Best young manager (that's available) bar none.
  14. Eyes should be on him aswell. Seems to have avoided most criticisms so far but ultimately he IS responsible for the transfers and playing staff.
  15. V man, probably because Koeman hasn't rubbed off on him yet.
  16. Not the only one mate. Although many predicted it.
  17. We don't have a chance but I'd give everything to go for Ancelotti now. Koeman done enough for me (which is ironic because I don't think he's done anything bar spend a fuck tonne of money on shite. Walsh has to take equal responsibility too.)
  18. Always plenty more left in the tank. Simply lovely.
  19. He's not been previously listed in our EL squad, so won't be included in that competition going forward.
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