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  1. You can guarantee that, whenever a commentator says a player had not scored for ages, he will score against us.
  2. Whenever one of our players goes down, inevitably its that twat Cahill involved
  3. VAR Official was Simon Hooper, Guess which Referee we have on Tuesday?
  4. Bloody awful performance, they couldn't pass wind never mind a ball!
  5. Normal service, whenever its in our own hands to do something good(third place?) they fuck it up! load of shite!
  6. This years rule change : players committing accidental fouls, that deny a goal scoring chance, will now be cautioned. It was not a sending off offence. Just been told it was a couple of years ago, this year amended to say inside box yellow outside red, my bad
  7. The one person we need to look out for? the one person on the pitch who will most certainly tilt the game in the favour of the Manure? That useless prick Jon Moss!
  8. I dont think it would matter who the Manager is, the team is just totally shite!
  9. According to BBC Sports, Koeman says Bolasie could be out until this time next year!( 11 to 12 months)
  10. Twatkinson referee! I think we can forget the next round.
  11. Dont know how to post link, but Martinez interview in Liverpool Echo Tim has incredible standards and he can't be happy with the goals we conceded at the weekend (against Arsenal). “But there's not even a doubt in terms of Tim Howard starting at the weekend.”
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