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  1. He was certainly getting into those positions and surly its only a matter of time before he hits the back of the net! Seemed to get more frustrated the longer he was on the pitch.
  2. Not better off, but it's nice to have a little more quality in depth.
  3. Went for Mina. Keane also did really well.
  4. If anyone know of any lqds running Iptv at the minute which is reliable can you inbox me before this gamme please? Cheers ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Do apologise I meant iwobi not Zaha. All of this could have been avoided! Zaha is head a shoulders above Lookman.
  6. Thats a horrible way to put it. Really hits home, we need to win something soon!
  7. I'd like to see us go far but it's still a great oppertunity for others to come in to rest some players and prove their worth.
  8. Nobody said this, did they? As for the second paragraph, iwobi is more proven in the games he has played with his return of goals /assists, but im not sure he will be better in the long run than Lookman. I'm uneasy with the signing of iwobi, I felt like there were better options earlier on in the window and he was a panic buy after we realised Zaha wasn't a possibility.
  9. Need to create chances for them to score first!
  10. On a different day he gets a brace. Think he had the most shots for us and most on target and was unlucky with 2 of those.
  11. Some hospital passes, but also some fancy flicks and nice link up play. Also doesn't realise he will have also zero time on the ball.
  12. No he did say what they review on the commentary but I can't remember eebr what! Straight reds are in there.
  13. Rediculous. He's single handedly ruined so many games for us
  14. Absolute cunt. No other word for him. How he's survived this long at Everton I do not know. Fuck off and throw your toys somewhere else.
  15. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Gomes Delph Richy Siggy bernard DCL Hopefully we will see Gbamin and Kean come on at some point. Don't think iwobi will feature this early.
  16. Don't think iwobi would come here to warm the bench at his age either.
  17. Sorry for the confusion I mean Lookman is similar to iwobi. When I'm disappointed we sign an individual they usually prove me wrong and visa versa when I'm excited for a signing they usually flop ๐Ÿ˜‚ Agreed though 90m would have been rediculous. They got everyone excited though didn't they?!
  18. He's a different kind of player. Hasn't got the ability to finish like Zaha has or make defenders as uneasy. Iwobi is great at retaining the ball and keeping possession but he's not going to create something out of nothing. Like I said before Lookman is not far off zahas ability and we've really just swapped Lookman for a player of similar ability (in my opinion, no facts to back this up), but it's cost us 20m. Bernard does the same job as Iwobi. We needed a left footed winger and I settled on Zaha due to his pure ability that could take us to the next level. It was a desperate signing, much like smalling or Rojo would have been and despite it being a well thought out window before the TDD it feels like the last day spoiled it a little bit and made me question the efficency of the club slightly.
  19. Surprises me that so many think we can achieve top 6 with Keane, Mina and Holgate as our only recognised CBs.
  20. Highly doubt that
  21. Been at work all through TDD, but wanted to give my two pence. Overall a good window, but late signings mean that we could struggle to make an impact at the start of the season. I'm excited to see Kean play, and the same goes for Gbamin. The fact we had the whole window to sign a CB and waited until the end for Chelsea to mug us off with Zouma is worrying. I thought the club were better than that and last minute deals for Smalling and Rojo only make the matter worse. We will struggle defensively without a decent CB pairing. Also not please with Iwobi. Nothing against him as a player but what was the point in replacing Lookman for someone twice the price who might be just as good?
  22. So we had mass changes, is that what you're saying? Mass changes = time to adapt. Man United have a much better squad than ours.
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