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  1. Lose lose for united. Had to give him the job because he surpassed expectations, should have just kept mourinho until the summer and found an experienced manager.
  2. The most important thing now is to beat those sides below us convincingly and bring this good form into next season.
  3. Thought he looked pretty sharp when he came on, was nice to see him back on the pitch for us.
  4. Spot on. Could have had numerous assists this season but has wrongly chose to go it alone time after time.
  5. Another important clean sheet today. 4 clean sheets and 12 points in our last 5 which include wins against Arsenal, Chelsea and United. Let's see how we do against Palace who will be high on confidence, these are the matches I'm fearing at the moment. We've proven we can mix it in with the top 6 these past few weeks, but as soon as a team denies us space in behind we struggle. Let's have a strong end to the season and carry it into the start of the next campaign.
  6. Watched the replay and went for Digne, could have easily been Siggy though. Great performance. Everyone played their part today.
  7. I fear he won't be in a blue shirt for long term, for me what I've seen from him he's one of the best LBs in world football at the minute, and how rare is a world class LB?
  8. Hate to damped it, lets just think back to what happened last week! A lot still to do, but what a result today.
  9. At work, think it's the first or second game I've missed all season (on tele or at the ground), so I'm going to have to listen to this one unfortunatly! Come on you blues, would love a win today so we can forget what happened last week.
  10. I can't see it myself. Davies seems to be more energetic and press higher up the field, then lay it off and play simple passes. If Davies makes it as half the player of Gomes I'd be happy.
  11. A lot of them around 21 years old, hope they can break through soon because they're running out of time. No doubt we will see a lot of them premier league and championship level eventually.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/47941333 Wonder what Fabinho will get for snotting on someone.
  13. Sad thing is... First time I've backed us in months. Sort of feel responsible.
  14. Not one player today was above the level of piss poor.
  15. Brighton, Huddersfield, Burnley, Southampton, Everton. The only teams Fulham have beaten in the league this season.
  16. Been very patient with him and I can stand struggling up to a point where we find form but I cant stand absolutely crumbling under complacency against a team that bad. Finishing 9th or 10th this season is nowhere near good enough and we need a proper manager in now to take us forward. If gomes can't be arsed stepping up when it counts, he can fuck off - we don't need another luxury player. If calvert lewin can't put the ball in the net he can fuck off, he's a striker and unless he's Firminho that's his job and he needs to contribute. Zouma isn'ttt out player and doesn't really care if we win as long as he can get to where he wants to be. Sigurdsson scores goals and works hard. I wish I could say much more about him. Clearly he is not a number 10 who is going to unlock a defence for us. Marco Silva. Deery me. I could see 10 minutes in the system we had wasn't working. It took him 74 minutes today to make a substitute, despite having only 1 shot on target. And worst of all Pickford. I'm not saying he had a bad game but he had one moment in the first half where he made a mistake and starting laughing again. GET HIM DROPPED. His attitude absolutely stinks. If De gea does that, then so what? If Neur does that, then so what? He is far from being able to laugh at his mistakes like he is the big 'I am'. Disgusting attitude and nobody in the club has had the guts to bring the hrrible little shit back down to earth. This result has pissed me off more than any other this season. I'm sick of this team, I'm sick of the manager, I'm sick of this owner. I'm sick of being an Everton fan. I apologise for the hot headed rant, and I know a lot of people will disagree with a lot of my points, I just wanted to vent.
  17. He had a good phase of play in the first half once when he was looked for, ever since then I can hardly recall him touching the ball besides flinging his head in here and there. No creativity, no plan to break them down, no physicality. Pathetic performance and the players don't want to work hard enough to break down this awful team. Complacent after a small string of wins. A Marco silva team. These lot need bringing back down to earth.
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