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  1. But too young to have seen him in his prime...and he's still the best I've seen live...the fa cup last minute is always a favourite of mine
  2. It's not pretending to be in depth it's just stating a fact...I don't get your point?
  3. Barely feel the cold so just have what I have year round
  4. Having it away round our end
  5. You wanna join Romey on my list?
  6. Understandable...ps5 is being banded around at moment and that's looking like a 2020 release
  7. I've only ever had one of each..not sure where 2 years comes from...it's like 5, 6 and 7 between each system..top range pc would cost far more
  8. There won't be for him if he carries on with his shit! :shaking fist:
  9. Sounds horrendous haha...the only thing I hate more than fun is fun for children that you have to be involved in
  10. Definitely...that's what I don't understand marks post?
  11. Why not in the hart thread out of interest? No surprise this...stek is certainly good enough to see out the season at least..hopefully go for hart next summer...could he leave torino in Jan?
  12. Can my post be deleted please I look mental now And John..a cracker as always
  13. There was less time between the ps1 and ps2 release..its longer between systems as it goes on
  14. Dragon Age Inquisition at the moment for me...incredible game rivalling witcher 3 for my favourite recent
  15. Emulator...it's bang on...ePSXe Easy to install and easy to get roms
  16. Final Fantasy VII....incredible..my favourite game ever and I could play it over and over...got it on my phone so I do
  17. Heard one saying Avril Lavigne died in early 2000s too... Bruce Lee and Elvis are still alive apparently
  18. http://www.theweek.co.uk/77649/max-spiers-was-conspiracy-theorist-poisoned-by-satanists
  19. The bbc's need to end every stat post they make with 1 word. Example... 1 - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has scored and assisted a goal in the same Champions League game for the first time. Busy. Don't know why but it aggravates me
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