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  1. THAT'S HOW YOU CROSS A BALL BY THE WAY...fuckin watch and learn
  2. What the fuck is the point in free kicks like that?!
  3. That rojo tackle...what a shithouse..fair play to coleman for stepping up to him..no wonder there's calls for the lad to be the next captain Wish seamus was waiting in the car park with a tire iron for the pair of cunts OH and we were shite again
  4. That seemed to be last minute though Matt..if you leave it til late then clubs will try and rinse you cos they know you're desperate..should have been sorted long before the last day
  5. Certainly more should have been done...it's been obvious to anyone not involved with the club we needed a new striker and creative midfielder..no excuses
  6. Never understood why people call it brave of a ref to give a decision..it's called competence not bravery
  7. Mike you're a dick Love attenborough docs...works of art
  8. Same...been looking forward to it or donkeys
  9. http://www.redcafe.net/threads/optajoes-annoying-tweets.403911/ Not just me
  10. 38 - Wayne Rooney has scored 38 European goals for Manchester United, equalling Ruud Van Nistelrooy's record. Strike. FUCK OFF
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