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  1. I think he (and Davies to a certain extent) are hamstrung currently as our midfield is all over the place - there’s no balance whatsoever. I’d keep Gomes and Davies but not to play as a pair - we need a commanding CM and wingers who can play this system. Gordon looks a true gem and his versatility will be a massive bonus.
  2. That is such an Everton performance... this week was an opportunity to proper go for it with an unlikely late surge. 2 wins (however unlikely) could have seen us go into the Wolves game maybe even in a position to overtake them. To perform like that against a shaky Spurs was just far too familiar - sadly, I’ve seen that Everton performance far too many times. Ancelotti has a massive job on his hands - G.Neville was spot on in commentary - painfully not good enough.
  3. We clearly don’t have the options to give us a midfield to dominate games currently but Ancelotti’s tactics and disciplined performances from Gylfi, Gomes and Davies are getting us over the line and picking up valuable points - it’s not pretty at times but it’s effective. We have good attacking and defensive players anyway - add a dominant midfield and there could be cause for optimism.
  4. Probably been our best player post-lockdown.
  5. I get so annoyed by our ‘if onlys’ - the silly 2 goals vs Newcastle, the goal that should have been vs Man U - that’s 4 points that would have had us talking about a late surge for Champions League!
  6. In a 4-4-2, he may find himself as a back-up option next season. I can’t see there being a queue of teams in for him (mainly due to what £££ he must be on) and I can’t see us signing too many players, so he may just find himself a place in the squad - to the annoyance of many!!!
  7. Player recalls usually happens in a window in January - when you can register new/current players.
  8. He’s not registered though is he? Sure he would be on the bench if he was available to be.
  9. As a right winger in a 4-4-2, I’d pick Walcott over Iwobi too. Iwobi excels as an inside forward from the left or free role centrally - maybe he just doesn’t fit into Ancelotti’s Everton.
  10. The whole team did more defending than attacking. It was clearly a tactic to defend, restrict and contain - then maybe try and snatch something on the counter that we very nearly did. I’m not suggesting Iwobi had a good game, I’m just stating that, that isn’t a role/discipline he excels in. It’d be unfair to judge many against this Liverpool team as they’ve made much better players look average.
  11. There is that but if the tactic was to nullify Liverpool’s threat (which most have failed to do), then I think we did it quite well and actually can feel a little unlucky that we didn’t snatch it. Iwobi, ironically, could have been the one to snatch it for us had Richarlison shown more awareness and squared it when Iwobi would have had an open goal to shoot at.
  12. In his defence - he was playing a ‘defensive’ role yesterday. His role was more of a containing brief which he and mainly Coleman achieved. Had he been fit, Sidibe would have been much better suited. Yes, he was non-existent, but I’d say he put decent effort in a role that he doesn’t really suit at all.
  13. It’d be unfair to judge our wingers on last nights performance in terms of attacking/creativity as it was clear that their main role was to contain - (Mane and TAA) and they did that job really well - we completely cut off the supply line that has dominated pretty much every other team over the past 2 seasons. Wednesday should be a different story and I’d be expecting a very different role from our wingers. Centre Mid is 100% the most important position to improve this summer - it seems Allan is the top target and he sounds perfect. Last night was probably the most confident I’ve felt wit
  14. I think he had a really good season last season which built the hype about him - only Hazard created more chances or got more assists (can’t remember exactly) but hasn’t done too much this season. Maybe his contract situation has had something to do with it - maybe he’s just not that good - I don’t know. What I do know is that he’s predominantly a left winger where we already have Bernard, Iwobi and an emerging Gordon. Maybe we see him as a right wing option.
  15. Richard Gough didn’t do too bad. Laurent Blanc at Man U. That’s just 2 examples off the top of my head - there’ll be loads more. Ancelotti is no mug - I’d back his judgement on this one.
  16. I think we need a senior centre back to help Holgate, Mina, academy prospects (Gibson/Branthwaite) and whoever we sign. I can see Keane going and a younger cb a bit further on than the academy lads coming. Silva is the kind of player we need for the younger players to look up to and learn from.
  17. I’ve heard Wembley mentioned... ironically there’s almost certainly more Liverpool fans in London than in Liverpool!
  18. He’s done his achilles today - completely unrelated injury - will be out for 6months. Horrible for the lad!
  19. We’ll probably find out in a month or so. I expect the season will get played out.
  20. We’ll definitely get John Stoned back. edit: oh no, I didn’t see that Barry had already set the trap... shame on me!
  21. Lingard’s cousin plays for our ladies’ team. Still don’t want him though. I did however rally rate him as a youngster - I remember him at an u21 England tournament - can’t remember exactly when but he looked a top prospect. Think it was before he’d broken into Man U’s first team and had been on-loan (Derby maybe).
  22. I agree - he was very poor and looked massively overpriced in his first season but had been excellent recently. Obviously took him a bit of time to settle and adjust but I’d have him (Fred not Lingard) in a heartbeat here.
  23. Why have you got no confidence in Brands signings? I would keep the vast majority of the players we’ve brought since he began his role... it’s many of the ones before he started who we need to move on.
  24. Claus Thomsen is possibly the worst player I’ve seen play for us... he’s done well to avoid the worst XI’s so far!
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