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Sorry guys,


I said that the fault was fully resolved which it was for the front end of the site, but the admin panel was still knacked as two of the admin tables in the database had corrupted after the restore.


I did try and save the tables but for us to get the back end of the site back up and running we had to roll back to a pervious back up.


Hope fully we can put all this behind us know and look forward just like Everton.

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It was working last night, but this looks like the back up from a few months ago, or was the fact we were bottom of the league all a nightmare


You correct ZED the front of the site was working. But we couldn;t admin the site so it was better to go back sooner that later :lol:


Am going to start sort out a few other things to make sure this doesn;t happen again.

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Yeh thats what thru me, came along & all seemed normal...Came back & had all changed again..Shame, but great work effort's allt he same Jon.


Truley appreciated mate..allround....Hat Tipped / .


Had to venture off to some other mediums for a look....Some out in the Blue Paradigm make many of our alleged doomsdayers look...Well Pretty Tame!!!.


P.s foz, they say Worms are good 4 Bait...Dont even wanna Picture fishing @ the lake..!!!




Oh yeh & I suppose It's welcome back... :lol:;):D

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Guest fozzie22

I can now revela the cause of TT problems..


I have it good authority that Willo spurned the advances of a ladyboy and the said ladyboy has hexed this board.


Tiime to break out the garlic lads :lol:

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