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Jags - England?

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I Think Its Not Right That Jagielka Isnt In That Squad!

I Fail To See How David Wheater Is Better In Any Way?

Dont Get Me Wrong He's A Good Player

Jags Has Been Far Superior With Technique And Consistency Though

And Middlesborough Are Fighting A Relagation Battle

He Cant Be Engand Material Ahead Of Jagss Surely.

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Jagielka didn't get of to a great start for us!.....alot of people weren't too sure about him.

He's turned things around compltely, but he will need to keep it up now through next season just to show it's no fluke this great form he's showing.


Maybe next season Englands center backs could be Lescott and Jagielka!

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only in the last 20 minutes. how soon we forget he was having a fine game before they scored.


anyway lescott did better than terry did in his 45 minutes last night (i blame terry for losing anelka, James sending him flyingwas inevitable)

I do to, I like Terry but lately I dont think he's been half the player he was.

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Agree with you there. I used to really like Terry but i think that all the injuries he had been picking up are starting to effect his game. Also I think his attitude is fucking appaling, a captain should never conduct himself how Terry does, he always leads the Chelsea players to bait the referee, also early this season (i can't remember the exact game) but he went to grab the red card from thehand of the referee when he went to show it to one of the chelsea players. He needs to grow up and control his temper if he ever wants to captain england again, when Rio Ferdinand is the mature and responsible one you know that you've done bad.

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