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Popularity Contest

Who is more Popular ?  

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  1. 1. Who is more Popular ?

    • Osama "The Bearded clam" Bin Laden
    • Jose "The Special One" Mourinho

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i think mourinhio is brilliant!


he makes the sports football section of the news worth listening to for his hilarious interviews.


it's great just waiting to see what he's going to get up to next and then what explanation he's going to give for it!.


though he's brightened up the premier league i'd maybe say osama may win this poll.

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jeez, didn't realise there were so many lefties on this forum.....I'd take mourhino anyday.........hopefully gw bush (one of the only world leaders with proper balls and who realises what needs to be one to the growing world menace) will hire him (and chuck norris) to hunt down that f*ckin cave dwelling desert monkey k*nt.........

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At the risk of getting political (and that should be off topic) you don't need to be a lefty to realise Bush is a retarded lunatic religious fundamentalist who is far and way the biggest danger to the planet in every way imaginable. From foreign policy (fuck everyone apart from themselves) to the environment (fuck everyone including themselves). History will judge, and it won't be pretty.

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All politics aside Mourinho is simply a smarmy prik & in light jest, just a little less popular via this poll than a genuine bit of nastiness of whom all would detest.


However, in the jest Context....Jose inches ahead.


EDIT:...LOL..justr ealsied it's 5 all......... :blink::huh::lol::lol:

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