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Steve Watson

Romey 1878

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“But, he’s been there for a while and might be nearly ready for a change. It all depends how ambitious he is.”


The bit in bold pissed me off the most, another clueless geordie.


Truth is completely the reverse....if he's got ambition he'll stay....if he's just after money (which he's not) he might take it.


Clueless geordie is polite.

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What a twit. How far from the fucking truth can he be! If he wants to tarnish his career then there is nothing better than going to Newcastle, which is the nail in the coffin for any bodys career. Managers and players alike.


Moyes would be a fool to go to Newcastle. I just hope that he doesn't get swayed by a blank pay cheque.

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The only way I can see Watson's side of it is the fact that he is a boyhood geordie, that's fair enough. If he said, Moyes is a good manager, let's try and get him, then ok, i'd be cheesed off just on the basis we paid him £1000's in wages and speaking out like that is out of turn.


However to say he needs to show ambition by coming to Newcastle is BoLLo&^kS and for that alone he needs to be corrected. They have not won anything of note, bar the the backing of the rest of the country when failing against Man UTD in their league challenge they threw away.


They are a club whose fans behave like they are the only true fans in the country and anyone who doesn't get his fat gut out, doesn't care. I find it's possibly the biggest insult ever that our manager should be tempted to leave for a club that forever promises to deliver, but never does.


Nothing against newcastle, it's really difficult to break into the top 4 for any club, but a club that doesn't offer a manager stability is not an option, and to suggest a club on the up like ours, run efficiently should be worried about losing a manager to such a shambles.

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This whole thread and many news articles out there lilnking Moyes is pure Media crap aimed at rocking the boat at EFC. It is a well known fact that Moyes is yet to put pen to paper, but this is now surely a mere formality. Moyes may be unhappy with the annual transfer farce, but he has now acquired a long term target and has stregthened where needed. He has yet again been shrewd with his buys. The notion of him leaving is still a very real one until that contract has been signed, but he would only leave to improve his career. Why the F*** would anyone, let alone Moyes join NUFC. It must simply be the worst club in the world to manage, with som of the most fickle fans, much worse than us, a board that does what it wants and a Director of Football, (WTF is one of those) Even Sir Bobby Robson has said this week this is a complete shambles. No half decent manager, let alone borderline world class manager would consider that move.


Moyes has steadily progressed EFC to apoint where we are a perenial fringe team to the big four and is still improving. Outside of the big four, you will not find a better manager, and it would only be to one of the big four we would lose him, unless he stays until he's 60 when he might take the scotland job as a hobby.


Stop dreaming Watson. Moyes wouldn't join your shower of shite for a gold clock. If he wanted to go somewhere as miserable and crap as Newcastle, he would offer himself to MUFC.

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Well said Bri that pretty much sums it up for me! Newcastle are a club going nowhere that everytime something good seems to be happening it always ends up turning to shit, with deluded fans a squad bigger but worse than ours and a load of fuckheads in charge who haven't got a clue if it was Celtic or Rangers being linked with him I would be slightly more concerned but that shower of shit?? Fuckin no chance!!!


P.S. And Steve Watson? I think twit pretty much sums it up!

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