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Everton V Chelsea

Lower Gwladys

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Well after not going the Spurs game due to illness it has to be said i was looking forward to going this game, only to realise my illness aint clearing up so i had to sell me ticket :(:( . But on the game i think and i am sure many others do aswel that we aint going to win. Not sure but i think Mourinho hasnt lost at home in the league at home since he took over and lets face it we aint gonna start it.

So the team for me:














JP Kissock





4-4-3, A couple of youngsters thrown in against the big boys and hopefully a bit of a match day experience gained by this. Even though i said we will get beat at the top:


Chelsea 2


Lampard :angry:


Everton 4



Beattie (2)



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come on lads, that was never a sending off. my god everyone has gone so negative the last few weeks. for fucks sake cheer up! it could be worse! the ref is having a shite game! we are holding the ball well, but without the 11 v 11 we are always struggling.


don't think we can go blaming the ref here!!! reckon it's a 50/50 whether a straight red or not, BUT it was poorly timed and wreckless.......

think essien's challenge on osman should have been punished........


how a original, 20 minutes to go, moyes brings on ferguson --- wow that should change things.............FFS


oh and now a 3rd........

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Don't know how he could class that as a back pass.


Thought the red was harsh.


Played well in the first half but always going to struggle when down to 10 men.


Should have brought on VDm instead of Davies and Why play Weir when he has Ferrari on the bench.


Great tackle by McFadden though on Robben in the box.

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