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What Would You Have Done?

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Last night I started playing indoor soccer (the only option here in winter) for a new team. I arrived for our first game and was handed my kit. Shorts and shirt. On closer inspection, there was a problem:

- all red

- Carlsberg logo

- LFC badges


That's right - RS replica kit (no doubt bootleg, but looks quite real).


So what to do? Walk out on my new team, or find a way to put that stuff on?


What would you have done?

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Not having much time to think about it, I compromised - I wore the shirt, but retained the shorts I arrived in - Everton training shorts.


The weird bit is the guy who organized the kit isn't even an RS fan - he just liked the look of the kit, apparently.


Just wear a plain red t-shite i mean shirt if you own one instead surely as long as it matches your teams colours you should be fine

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Guest efctaxi
Love that shirt Taxi :) .


(With apologies to those who've heard this before) I bought mine an hour after the Wimbledon game in '94 :P .




I'll bet there's not many about now either .

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Thanks for all the siggestions and moral support, guys. I came down to 2 choices:

1) Take the Everton badge off one of my old shirts (the One2One which I don't wear anyway) and sew it over the LFC badge

2) Paul's suggestion to wear another red shirt


I've decided to go with #2, because no way to cover up the Carlsberg logo even in option 1.


...and wear my Everton training shorts.


To be clear: I have no problem playing in red kit - have done so for several teams. It's the LFC and Carlsberg logos.

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