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I Know It Just The Mirror But..............

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Sun says as Howard is joining Everton today as well.


Would be happy for Pistone to go but no-one will take him of our hands.


Can't see Yobo staying so can look forward to starting with Stubbs and Weir next season

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Knowing it will be a minority opinion, but personally I think it would be a shame to lose Pistone - he can play both full back positions, indeed he often seemed better at RB. He has also done a job at CB (heaven knows, we are going to need some cover there!). Not the best by a long shot, but with our money tight, maybe having him as back up would have been decent. Get rid of Naysmith though.


It would be great to keep Yobo, but lets face it, we simply cannot afford to let players go on a Bosman - certainly not those ones that are worth a few quid anyway!

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I agree we need to try to keep Yobo. But if he won't sign a new deal, do we just keep him for a year and let him go for free (when we could probably get say £4m for him). That £4m (say) could bring in a replacement for 4 years.


it could....it won't though, we'll sign someone shite....if anyone at all....




still, signing Timmy Tourettes should at least give us some comedy chants for next season!

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