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Setanta Up The Suwanee..

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As much as I sympathise with a company who were willing to take on Sky Sports at their own game, I think that them going under could be better in the long run as terrestrial tv may take up the slack on euro competitons, and that is free to watch.


The loss of income from Setanta will be missed though, especially by some of the smaller clubs.

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Sky wont be allowed to "buy" Setanta under European competition rules......... they could however just let them go bust and hope a continental channel come in and buy up Setanta's rights..... would probably only get shown on pay per view here then... Giving Sky license to do the same.....


They can aslo "rent" the license from Setanta....how this is allowed I dont know as surely its more or less the same thing....


Under the same rules Sky are not allowed to own "all" the right to show live Premiership games.....

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Apparently ESPN are interested. I wouldn't be opposed to that.


FoxSports are another one interested apparently. They're also owned by Murdoch so don't know how that works.


As long as they have English commantaters an we dont get the SEM-I finals reather them Semi finals, or any of the other crap american puns they use for there "soccer".

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On the teletext tonight ESPN are reported as saying they have not shown or are showing any interest.




I am not sure who to believe here.


I suspect they may have intimated an interest, and when the reality of the situation hit home they back peddled away from it. I think Setanta are in a real mess.


Lord knows what will happen now and how much of a knock on effect it will have. :huh:

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Apparently the games will be sold to BSkyB. So this is a 'middle man' type of thing. I can see what will happen.


"I can't afford to go to the match and I can't afford to watch it on the tv either. When is the ladies rugby being shown?"


It's against competition law apparently.. ESPN are trying to get it on virgin apparently.. It's a shame none will go on free to air channels.

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