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Hassan Yebda

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can't read french but it seems we are linked to him


It says he's a central midfielder, and he wants to leave benfica and join a PL club. He would be evertons second choice after Defour, and alot cheaper, according to this article 5 million euro.


Don't know him, and I still think we don't need a central midfielder

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Not much known about him, I think he plays everywhere in midfield and also is a good passer his goalscoring record isnt great but if we need someone to come off the bench and make an impact this guy could be it. He is 25 so still has some good years ahead of him.



For 3 mil is may seem a small amount of money but I reckon this may be too much I think 1.5 mil would be the highest offer for this guy, then again if moyes and kenwright see him as 3 mil then by all means go for it.

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I take it all back, I will happily put up with the clueless spotty teenagers who serve in the Park End


I was in the family enclosure last night and it was horrendous, apart from the obstructed view they only had one kiosk there so the queue was ridiculous and they dont serve ale at all!


Cant wait to get back to my proper seat in the Park End now

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Looked good out of a bad bunch for Portsmouth last season. only a handful of players got recognition in that team and yebda was one of them... i would have took him last year with all the problems but not now



You might not have a choie but to ;)

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