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Pictures from Bellefield


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Nige & Dunc look sweet enough to take home to Nan's..... :(


Ian like you & foz. I Dunno what to make of VDM"S get up. Sorry Andy arl son, We hope 4 great things from you. début was solid & appetising..


The dress sense well maybe im too old & out of fashion...but simply put looks very ermmmmm CAMP.


Im more with Ferrari's late 70's styled sunglasses..Aye nice pick up them lad.


wtf is doin there..LOL..!!!

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vauhgan is in a taxi!! HAHAHAHA


I reckon that Nigel Martyn looks like a little boy waiting for his sweets!


(or like the ugly fat kid off the Vauxhall Meriva advert!)

They are all wearing designer clobber - expect big dunc who is wearing his Dad's xmas jumper and the worst polo shirt ever - how big is that Collar!


I think that they all look a bit queer!

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