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about that... is EvertonTV worth subscribing to?


what else is there to view except matches?


and I can already watch matches live on Canal+...most of them..



For a fiver/month you carnt really argue but its not the best service ever... there servers are slow & unreliable......I found it only really effected the match highlights & some of the pre season friendly live matches obviously because of the number of people watching but the rest of it wasn't to bad....then again I didn't pay for it :lol: I just bum off my dads generosity :lol: and use it when in his

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I know its only pre season, but Jo is looking so damn good.


The reason I mention him is because all of his flaws I saw last season aren't here. His major flaw was not running back and making a challenge for the ball, and falling over too much. He also couldn't play a pass. Today he's actually held his ground and tried to fight, and some of his passes have been sick. I'll say it again, he wasn't a 18 million man for nothing, and I think it takes a pre season and david moyes to get his lazy mentality killed.

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I have to say, that Hibbert has looked a lot better in these pre-season games. I know many people have slagged him off in the past, and I'd admit that I've been one of his sternest critics, but he's looking much better these days, seems to not get rattled as easily, and his final ball when he gets forward is much improved. The first half today in fact, we've looked a lot better going down the right, I'm just hoping that me saying this is not going to be the kiss of death.

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