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Manc Derby

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...shay given was awesome today

He was indeed. £40m worth of center back in front of him and he has to play out of his skin to keep the score down to four :unsure: .

Think City may need to have a little dabble in the transfer market come January.


Can see Lescott getting his hands on a trophy there though....reserve player of the year :P .

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I'm still trying to find pictures of the last 5/11 minutes.


a) Hughes face when City look like they've nicked the draw

B) Hughes berating the linesman(tapping his watch and all that crap), and then being pushed out of the way by the merry flagwaver.

c) 10 seconds later Fergie and the 4th official having a good old chuckle 5 metres in front of Hughes face.


Quality. :D

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Is it true that the City fans were signing "what a waste of money" at Lescott?

Ha. Would be funny if true. In fairness you couldn't pick him out solely to blame for the defensive frailties yesterday, the whole of the defence was very shakey with a real lack of comunication between them. I always felt that was one of J.Lo's weaknesses though, comunication, especially when he was played in a central position. It is amazing when you consider the amount of money spent on that defense to concede to many soft goals. Owen was allowed to stroll through and Giggs was skipping past them all day!

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They timed it out on MOTD2...there was a minimum of four minutes to be added, City's goal celebration took 56 seconds and there was a substitution which they allow another 30 seconds for. That made 5'36" and the goal was timed at 5'37".


So in fact the whistle should have gone immediately after the kick-off and City should instead of complaining be grateful that the ref gave them another minute and a half to equalise again :D .


The Guardian piece completely fails to take into account the (blindingly obvious) fact that if United are losing at home their opponents will take every opportunity to waste time which will inevitably result in more stoppage time.

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I see nobody has commented on that odius little worm Craig Bellamy.

A man of above average ability (despite his own belief that he is pele, maradona and eusabeio rolled into one)


after having a fantastic game, scoring two different types (but equally brilliant) goals he goes and shows who he really is by punching a fan!

now dont get me wrong, im not sticking up for the guy who invaded the pitch (well done idiot, at least the last game you'll ever watch at old trafford was a good one)

but lets face it, he being dragged away by two coppers before that coward decided to smack him one, simply coz man u had scored and he wanted someone to hit!


of course Hughes will defend his actions and nothing will be done... imagine what Moyesy would do if one of our players did that!


man city=classless

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