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Going Away For A Bit.......


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Tried to come up with something wise and meaningful to say, but it seems a bit crass and presumptuous given that I know nothing of your problems. But the thought was there. Hope you feel able do downgrade your avatar when you get back...if not to the Dali Lama..then to a slightly less troubled image ;) . All the best. Mike.

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Hows that Mike?.



...er, slightly more disturbing if anything :lol:


because of the way I see things and myself, my problems become more greater than what created them, how very gestalt of me.  :D


The fact that you seem so self aware will make it all a lot easier I think...take it easy, and remember to change your pants every day!

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Have a nice Chill mate ( God { I wont dispute God right now, wil leave as a cliche} Knows we could all use a spell out & some self reflection from time to time) the mad house will be running a riot awaiting your return.


Whilst in Big news & to send you off with a smile, I managed to stand up & take a slash all by myself this week..... :lol::lol::lol:

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