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Hello Tt

Bulletproof Tiger

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A wonderful is tigers cos tigers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber, and their bottoms are made out of springs. :lol:


(Don't you just love classical literature??? They don't write them like that anymore do they? :lol:


Good to meet you Tiger, hope you manage to enjoy TT as much as we (sometimes) do.

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Thanks guys.


I'll enjoy it as long as we're winning.


Good job you didn't start following Everton in the 90's, during some of those seasons wins were a bonus!


Nope!.....you've got to be able to accept 6-1 home defeats by Arsenal, outplaying your red neighbours and still losing! and losing in cup games that you should have won.


Being an Evertonian from the 69-70 season through to today and all the pain that goes with that is a badge I wear with pride.


If you stick around you'll understand.........if you don't it doesn't matter.


Stick around, it's probably worth it.


Welcome to the forum.

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