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Melbourne Heart (away)


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Thought I might start this one up - since I'll be there! Looking forward to it.


The Melbourne Heart team is a new team to the A-League, not really a team with any players of note TBH, probably the only name that might ring a bell to anyone outside the country would be John Aloisi who's goal in the penalty shootout against Urugruay in 2005 sent Australia to the 2006 world cup.


I'm surprised that Everton didn't play the more established club here in the city Melbourne Victory.

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Aloisi? Please, his career has dwindled over the years. Yes, he may have performed towards the end of last season, but that's about all he did. He did great for the Roos back in the day, but that's all over now.


I am looking forward to the new Melbourne Heart team though. It'll be the first time I see them play, so I'll be able to get a bearing as to how they'll go this coming season. They've taken Sydney's keeper and key defender, Colosimo. Bastards!

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Yeah... I agree... Aloisi is past it... but who on the Melbourne Heart team would anyone outside this country know? I heard that one of the youngsters (Taseski) is one to watch out for.


Oh... Josip Skoko played for Wigan once

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What would the cost be to fly across? Are there any budget airlines flying between NZ and Oz?


It wouldnt be any more than about 60quid from melborne/sydney to wellington per person but im a poor student. Wellington has a much better pitch too compared to the aussie teams. which is what davey complained about last match All though the all blacks play south africa on it this w/e.

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yeah i signed up with that the other day, cant watch todays game with being in work, but the sydney match was poor quality in the first half.


With what you have seen, have we had any more chances since sahas miss?


good crowd there?

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