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New Shed Thread.


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Cant find the "Shed thread" so i'll start a new one.

A major upheaval is taking place in my garden, most of the Conifers along the back died off on me so i had to take them out.

The garden is now about 4 foot longer than it was, so I've had to get a bigger/better shed so i have gone from This ...........







To this, which is looking a bit bare and clean at the mo, till its ronsealed .....






The two clematis that had grown over the old shed have been rescued and replanted against the fence, hoping in time they will grow enough to reach the trellis which will give us back the privacy we lost.

The flower bed along the top has now got to be replanted closer to the fence in the space the conifers left, and the bare space thats left will be grassed/turfed.


Hows your shed Mike is it covered now, must be a year or two since you got it. ??


I wonder if this thread will bring Mac out of retirement. :D :D

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That's a fine shed Bill....and quite a bit of work.


Going to be a major upheaval in ours after the summer...Josh has been told he's outgrown the trampoline so it's going once he's gone back to school so we get some extra "adult" space so things will be shifted about.


But here's a potted history....finishing with one I took an hour ago :) (in two posts because it won't let me put all the photos in one :mellow: ).








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