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Damarcus Beasley

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We in America aren't very fond of him. But I say that looking at him as a first team player. He is not a first team player, but I think he could be used as a strategic substitute. He has a lot of speed on the flanks allowing him to cover offensively and defensively. I'm not terribly excited about the move if it happens, but I could see why if they do pick him up.


In responding to a post on NSNO, they said with Donovan and Beasley, they could market to the US. Beasley is NOT marketable here, so don't bother. Everton could have a huge following in the US if they make the right moves. I had tons of people here, both football fans and non-football fans, mention Everton's name to me when Donovan had his loan spell. These are potential fans (think merchandising $) who don't follow any premiership club, but would love to pick up a team to follow. They will follow the ones they hear about. And Donovan definitely put Everton on their radars....now if we can just put him there permanantly.

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i would take him but only coz hes on free and would be a good squad player if we had any injury and if it didnt work out we could offer him to a championship side or somethink

i thing baesly is a terible plyer and we shud at most offer him too pounds a weak or somethink

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