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Couldnt find anything like this so might as well start a new thread and Kohen started me thinking with the leeds festival (looks reasonable this year for a change!).


You may have seen me mention a band called Oceansize. Well, theyre on tour for the 1st time in a 2 years I think and ive got a ticket to go see them in Liverpools O2 Academy 2, 24th Sept. Theyre promoting their new album coming out "Self-Preserved While The Bodies Float". From the 1 song ive heard, its more chilled than the earlier 2 albums but this band does everything from very minimalist chillout to completely crazy heavy shit.


anyway, 10 quid plus the fees, well worth it if you like prog rock/indie or as they describe themselves "progressive indie death"




just a shame theres no home game that weekend! anyone else going to any gigs?


Or better still, top 5 gigs youve seen?

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...top 5 gigs youve seen?

Neil Young at Wembley in (I think) 1982, the "Trans" tour was a peak.


Eric Clapton....this...




....where the "support" was Muddy Waters (Clapton always used to play Guildford at the end of his tours because he was local and all his family and friends used to go. Tickets were gold dust).


Live Aid...




.....the Queen bit (even though I wasn't a great queen fan) was breathtaking.


Then it's difficult.


Late 70's Reading festivals were always good but I'd probably go for Mike Oldfield at Wembley (saw him at the Conference center with full orchestra also but a small band with Nils Lofgren on guitar was spectacular) and, a bit more obscure, Greenslade "farewell" tour 1977 with Jon Hiseman on drums (Guildford again)

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Talking of gigs. I am searching for TWO Mumford and Sons tickets. 2nd October at Manchester Apollo. I had no pc access when tickets went on sale and all gigs sold out within minutes!! Going for silly money on e-bay but I will pay around £40- £50 for each ticket and I will even be missing Birmingham away to attend. If anyone hears of any drop me a line, cheers.

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Being a young guy! I will be taking a visit to creamfields this weekend, for the saturday and sunday, i go to a few electronic dance music festivals, if you wanna put that in the gigs category?


proper "gigs" i would say seeing roger waters a few years ago, he was magnificent. Im a big pink floyd fan, so seeing him relaying some old tracks and mixing it up with some new stuff was brilliant

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