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What Would Be The Best Country To Travel To?!


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MAN!... I'm tired of studying and getting good grades!!!! I mean.. I know it's the fact of life and it is what a life needs...qualification! I mean... what about life experience. I just got cheap airline tickets and then I thought I should take this chance to travel and drop my study for a bit. So I'm looking for some cool ideas of where to go to or if anyone can share some cool experiences or something...


List of countries I have been wanting to visit are Thailand, first of... Then Rome, and Spain.. I know Thailand is a bit strange from the other two choices but I keep it in mind that Thailand is the land of smile, it has been one of the coolest places I wanted to go...


What you guys think?!

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you dont need qualifications to be successful anymore, you just need a break and to make the most of it. Best of luck though.


For a holiday depends what youre after and what your budget is! Went to the Maldives which is paradise, but very quiet. Heard Thailand is awesome, Oz is awesome... all depends.


Think weve got a contender for weirdest 1st post though!

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