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Hello From Brisbane, Queensland


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Hi there, I'm from Brisbane, QLD, Australia.


I started going for Everton because my mate is from Liverpool and he wondered which team I went for - tbh I never was interested in football, I love my Rugby League - but to make it interesting I asked him which team he had the biggest rivalry with, he said Everton, so I said I would go for them. This was a while ago now, and have followed them ever since. Cahill arriving at Everton also helped, then Everton coming to Australia helped as well.


I always wake up at 1am, 2am or whenever the game is on and watch the Blues play. I hope to see them win shortly, but it feels great to have a very strong community team to follow.


Unfortunately though, I don't support St. Helens in Rugby League, I support Wigan Warriors (or Crusaders as I am Welsh by heritage).

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Haha, Heals (Ian Healy) is a great character, I don't know him personally but have spoken to him a couple of times, a genuine bloke.


Thanks guys, and glad there is another Warriors fan who also goes for the Blues. I was told that was sacrilegious by some St. Helens fans that were over here recently.


But I can't wait to see Everton winning some matches, and hopefully one day be counted as the big 4 but with the heart it has today.

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