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Big Dunc

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Ah yes, forgot that the trend here is to go against the status quo and make dunc into some injury prone money grabbing leech, idolised by only those who recall stories of burglar beatings, prison, derby goals and an everton tattoo.


Much more fashionable to criticise and not be seen to be as some wide eyed 18 year old who just remembers the legend.


I for one recall him as being someone who for a while was potentially the best striker Britain had produced since Dixie. That unrealised potential does not take away the fact that he stood up to be counted and gave us an identity in bleak times.

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personally, and I don't really care if there folks who disagree with me, I loved having him in the lineup. Especially when we played United.


There were not many defences who were not scared pooless by his presence. Some defenders even complained to the ref about him before he did anything in a match.


I wish we had him now. He was not prolific but I think he would have score a few in this squad.

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Spoke to mark wright about dunc, in his mind he was more difficult to mark than shearer. A nightmare as he described him. Came off the pitch knowing you had been in a war, this a tough England international saying this.


Was it duncans fault that he got injured and we lumped the ball up to him time after time? He was a victim of his own ability, the fact he couldn't recreate destructive displays he did single handedly against the best defenders in the country gave the impression he wasn't bothered.

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