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English Players Have No Football Intelligence

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As a basketball coach, I struggle with this 'winning is everything' mentality every week. I have to deal with players who have grown up playing the tactically-retarded games of soccer, gaelic football and hurling. They have been coached by parents with no formal training and no interest in coaching methods, technique, teamwork or tactics. All they care about when coaching their kids is winning and that mentality has become a brick wall that I continually struggle to break through.


Basketball obviously isn't football but it takes for granted many of the things progressive coaches are trying to instill into the modern footballer. It is a game based on quick thinking, well-timed bursts of speed, positioning, teamwork and technique. A smart basketballer beats a physical basketball every day of the week. Quick passing and good movement are the keys to offensive success. Trying to convince 13-year old lads that they'd be better off slowing the ball down and running a half-court offense is made all the more difficult in that they've never been given formal positional training in any sport in their lives. And heaven forbid that they defend anything but their man. It is all head down, run all day, physical nonsense that they get taught for the age of 6 at football.


My lads are beginning to make a bit of headway this season. Defensively we've got a good shape and our offense has definitely improved. We're starting to look like an actual basketball team that's interested in playing the game the way it's meant to be played. Now, if I, an 18 year old lad with basic coaching and referee qualifications, can completely change how kids play a sport for the better, why can't our youth coaches in football? This is a cancer which afflicts the entirety of the British and Irish footballing culture. The moronic, intellectually stunted approach to football which praises winning over performance. The complete lack of quality, cutting analysis in the media. The acceptance of the childrens' parents coaching the potential stars of the future. The pushing of 8-9 year old kids to win every game rather than becomes better, smarter footballers. It's a pox on all of our houses.

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Nah....it was the result I expected tbh, and the Irish performance earned you a bit of smugness (is that a word :unsure: ?).



No idea. I was actually at the match, the atmosphere was unreal. You'll struggle to beat us in any sport for as long as we cling to our post-colonial inferiority complex. Long may it continue! :lol:

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We have had our fair share of ‘educated’ footballers - Barry Horne, Slaven Bilic, David Weir, James Beattie – none of which probably improved their football, but was still nice to see. It always amazes me how erudite and culturally aware our legion of imported stars are compared to our home-grown players. Makes you realise what a culturally impoverished country we are and how sorry our education system is.

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Yes, I read the article. It was a general comment I was making arising from it.



Walcott sounds intelligent when he speaks but he's got to be one of the stupidest players I've ever seen. I constantly find myself thinking "what a retard" when I watch him. And then you see Rooney, who comes across as thick as pig shit, but can do some incredible things with the ball.

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