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Saha Free Kick

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saha's free kick on saturday v fulham, was taken with his weaker right foot, what is your oppinion on this say he miss kicked it and it went well wide, shouldnt every player play to the best ability and use there best kicking foot.

Right foot's the best option from the left side of the goal and he (rightly) thought his "wrong" foot was good enough.


His right is plainly not that weak....ambidextrous from the waist down :mellow: ?

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Sure it's been said recently by either moyes or neville or maybe an opposition manager that saha has no weaker foot! If only he wasn't so injury prone!!!


I went to a youth academy players evening a few months ago at the wolves with lescock, murray and keane speaking and the ugly one said that saha was his most feared opponent ever - obviously very highly regarded by fellow pro's.

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i'm sure he once said in an interview he's naturally right footed but used his left more as a kid or summat daft...i'm ambidextrous with my feet though quite a few people are..obviously not to that level but it's a likely case..mcfadden was the same wasn't he?

Funny that im ambiedextros with both feet too you would be hard pressed to say which was more shite!

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Once upon a time it was frowned upon for a player to be one footed, Alan Ball, George Best and probably many more used unique methods to perfect the use of their weaker foot. Given they did this at their development ages. Nowadays the best player in the world is one footed (although what a foot it is)


Maybe one of the reasons why Jack Rodwell is so valued is his ability to use the ball on either foot whether it be to carry it, pass or shoot. It opens up a whole new range for the player and makes it so hard for the players marking them. Zidane made the game look so easy because of his balance - his balance being the ease in which he could go either side with either foot.

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