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Moyes' Future


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Scaremongering from the Daily Mail:




The future of Everton manager David Moyes is in severe doubt with the club planning more cutbacks this summer unless they find a new owner.


Moyes faces seeing the squad he has built over nine years at Goodison being dismantled as chairman Bill Kenwright seeks to reduce the club's £45million debt.


Nothing new from the Mirror:




David Moyes will face the biggest decision of his managerial career if his Everton team is sold from beneath him this summer.


The Everton boss, who has ­already been told that there will be no money for him to ­strengthen his squad, is now bracing himself for the prospect of losing at least one of his key man as the club looks to ­manage debts now touching £45million.


But it is unlikely that ­Kenwright will accept any deal that doesn’t give him a major role in the ­future running of the Merseyside club.


Alternatively.. and with quotes from Moyesy!


Moyes' position at Goodison Park has been the subject of frequent debate this season, largely due to Everton's difficult start and their ongoing financial restrictions.


However, Moyes is adamant he will not be leaving Goodison and says he will discuss a new deal if chairman Bill Kenwright approaches him.


"I don't think my contract will need to be looked at this summer, but if the chairman wants to then that's down to him and the board.




Moyes signed contracts in 2002, 2005, 2008 so it's possibly around the time he'd be offered one.

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And the bloke from the Mirror has (imo) just lazily bought into the Kenwright "train set" bullshit...


"...it is unlikely that ­Kenwright will accept any deal that doesn’t give him a major role in the ­future running of the Merseyside club."


He's been reading too many forums.


And why is his quoted "insider" talking in journo-speak? Probably because he's made it up himself.

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I hope it's not true that Kenwright wants to still have a major role in the running of the club, that would be ridiculous

Anyone who seriously believes that he'd put his ego ahead of the future of the club is, putting it politely, an extremely poor judge of character (again...imo).

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I'm glad I watched that :blink:


They debated whether Everton were a bigger club than Charlton... :I surrender:



I missed that, but I do remember some years ago the chairman of Charlton (whoever it was at the time) put up a news report on the dressing room wall about Charlton being a bigger club than Everton.


Bloody cheek!

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Would Charlton be more attractive to players if they were in the Premier League? Debatable.

Would depend entirely on their financial status if/when they got back (but you could as say the same of Accrington Stanley or any team reaching the premier league at some future date).


With City/Chelsea levels of finance they'd be attractive....otherwise not.


Pointless comparison for me.

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