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Worse World Cup Finals Ever...

Guest Reg Reagan

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Guest Reg Reagan

If I want to think about the worse final ever... Well last nites world cup finals will always come to my head as the worse one ever...


the first 20min was exciting but the rest was boring and even the penalties wasnt that exciting to watch


there seems to be no flair and sence of urgency from the french and the italians...


watching last nites finals was like watching the olympic gold medal for diving... and i would certainly award a gold medal to france after what happened in the box...


there is something about the italian style of play that can easily piss you off... i use to think that the italians use to play exciting brand of football but they play so slow and boring football and wtf was it with pirlo passing the ball back 60m to buffoon?


and i thought france would have played a much better game since they had the hardest run to beat off spain, brazil and portugal to get into the finals... but they didnt deliver like they did against those teams i have mentioned...


this was a very overated world cup final with the wrong team winning the tournament...

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Guest Reg Reagan
i usually stick up for you reg coz u make me laugh, but you cant say the wrong team won. (the was no kopites there!) they won the games that mattered and they now hold the trophy!


and you think the rs deserved the trophies they won in the last 2 finals they have played in?

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I think italy hav started to play more attacking football during this world cup. they were allways a team that went one up and then it was backs against the wall. in the germany game they were awesome. and in the first half they were by far better than france. france didnt even deserve the penalty there was no mcontact by either cannavaro who should have won the golden ball or our ex matterazzi. and as for passing the ball back 60 metres he was under immense pressure so why not do that rather than loose the ball? i think the italians deserved to win this world cup.

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Guest Reg Reagan
this final was ok. not the best but ok.


overall (especially the group games) this world cup is the worst ive witnessed



actually... come to think of it... the whole world cup was overated... and they were also talking aboiut expanding from 32 to 36 teams in the wc... :rolleyes:

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The whole World Cup was very disappointing apart from the odd game that had quality football played in it. Lets hope the next one is better in terms of class.


:D i hope your right mark, this one was a poor example of the highest quality :( the world cup, that is B)

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o yea i fogot to tell everyone that my mate Nigel, offered me a world cup final ticket for £3,200. The ticket consicted of VIP seats meal after match and meet everyone from fifa after the meal. But i didnt want it as it wasnt england, (if your all wondering how he got the ticket its cause of the company he works for, he also went to the england sweeden match)


I also went to England v Portugal at Euro 2004, here are some pics i took from inside the stadium:








Sorry bout the camera quality. I also went to Russia v Greece in the euro but i dnt ave any pics from that

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