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Doncaster Belles

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The FA aren't corrupt at all.


The Women's Super League will have two divisions next season. Doncaster Belles have been in the top flight of women's football for 22 years. The FA have decided they'll be in division 2 next year, because;


"The FA decided which teams should play in each division via an independent panel that assessed clubs on their financial sustainability, with factors such as management, marketing and the quality of coaching staff and facilities considered"


So, your business plan is shite and we don't like your staff. You're fired!


And who will they be replaced by............


"The club will be replaced in the top flight by newcomers Manchester City Ladies."


Where's good old Sepp when you need him!?

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The best response is for them to go unbeaten all season and replace ManC Ladies as they are relegated.

Nice one Steve but it sounds like the stuffed shirts (and pockets) at the FA are preparing for every eventuality and are waiting for the opportunity to boot Doncaster Belles out completely. Can't have that riff-raff making a scene, can we!



The FA said in statement published on Saturday: "The decision by the selection panel not to offer the club an FA WSL1 licence was due primarily to them being unable to satisfactorily meet minimum facility requirements, alongside further concerns on their commercial and marketing strategies.


"The FA would also like to confirm that the licence offer to compete in The FA WSL2 next season is still open to the club, subject to licence criteria that still need to be met."

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I don't follow womens soccer in any capacity, but recognize Doncaster could well be the greatest womens side the British Isles has seen, from past bits and pieces, regular winners of the womens FA cup and league, but Arsenal seem to have taken over in recent years ?. Another stupid rule stipulation the powers that be insist on putting forward.

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