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Windows 10?


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What's the feeling then? Yes or no; I can get a free "upgrade" from seven but very hesitant because I like things how they are. Josh's laptop is 8.1 so again a free upgrade which I think is worth doing because eight is dreadful. His high end "gaming PC" is seven so again a bit risky.


My feeling at the moment is to wait until it's released and check what people think rather than pre-register and get it from day one (29th July).


And what happened to Windows nine?

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The freebie just downloads on the 29th, it doesn't install it automatically, you do that at your leisure. So pre-register and then just do what you say and install it once you've heard what other people think about it.


Makes sense.

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Anyone taken the plunge? It's downloaded onto the new laptop but I've not installed yet. Plan was to experiment with my old Acer but I think I'm just going to reset that to factory settings, buy a new battery and keep it on seven as a back-up. Josh has a "cheap" 8.1 laptop that he used at college so we'll probably try it on that but it's not downloaded yet.


I've not really seen much feedback from people using it; though my geeky son-in-law advised me against it yesterday, reckons it's still too buggy (but he lives on a different planet to most mortals so he may be talking crap, he mostly does).

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