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Denise Barrett-Baxendale at a convention

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I was trying to find a live stream for Denis Barrett Baxendale's talk at the "Fan Experience Forum" in Barcelona today.

12.45 Fans Through Thick and Thin
In sport, winning championships always helps to build stronger fan bases. Perennial contenders enjoy strong fan bases, but non-contenders must turn to more creative methods to maintain their share of ‘fair-weather’ fans and to find new fans. How do you keep your fans engaged whether they’re winning or losing, come rain or shine?


  • • Denise Barrett-Baxendale, CEO, Everton in the Community and Deputy Chief Executive, Everton Football Club, UK
  • • Richard Kenyon, Director of Marketing and Communications, Everton Football Club, UK

The organisers are tweeting some snippets:

"Brand is banned at @Everton - we have to say 'reputation' instead!" #FXF15


"How do we know the 'We Are Chosen' #marketing campaign worked? Well, this #fan tattooed it on her arm!" #FXF15


I couldn't find a live stream but I did manage to find this from March:

Deputy Chief Executive of Everton FC Denise Barrett Baxendale MBE talks to Adam Walker from Oaks Consultancy at the CSP Network convention in March 2015

It currently has 22 views.

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