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  1. Khedira's age is what it is but the main issue, IMO, is that he's been injured A LOT in the past two seasons.
  2. It would absolutely not be beneficial to us in the long run.
  3. DCL recently signed a new contract, IIRC it runs until 2025.
  4. Umtiti was great but has had quite a few injuries.
  5. We saw on Sunday what our options from the bench are so I wouldn't exactly be against another midfielder.
  6. James drops to #10 and Zaha at RW. That would make the team a lot more dangerous. Would also mean Ancelotti would have some options.
  7. I rate Zaha. Didn't have the best of seasons but he's quick, creative, can score and play across the front line. Only four goals last season, but a total of 26 in the previous three. Also plenty of assists. He's fouled a lot because he's so hard to contain. With Zaha added to James and Doucoure the midfield can suddenly score 25-30 goals a season instead of about 5.
  8. Seem to be more like 60 than 70 million as BBC is reporting James cost 12 million.
  9. We still only have three CBs with experience. As nice as it was to see Branthwaite play I think a loan would be more beneficial for his development.
  10. He played deeper at Bayern and excelled there as well. And AFAIK Ancelotti also played him as RW.
  11. James has also played in either wing / midfield. He has the work rate and is not bad at defending.
  12. No MLS team is going to pay his current wages.
  13. Selling Siggy will be a tall order. Hasn't exactly played like his wages suggest. Delph likewise but with the added bonus of injuries.
  14. I don't think we will sign any more midfielders unless several are moved on. There are already too many on the books. (I'm assuming Doucoure and James are done deals.)
  15. So we should buy young players with potential who do not think we are a stepping stone? And who exactly would these be? Of course any 22-year old promising player hopes to move to an even bigger club at some point.
  16. Another shortie? Some fans would have a field day.
  17. Doucoure is much more physical and is not as easy to run past as Gomes.
  18. Shooting would be a bit harsh. I think 20 years in the Gulag is enough.
  19. Yeah, I can see Brands paying 40 million for some dude from the Belgian league with five goals last season.
  20. So basically every player in the world is shite because I'm sure everyone has made a bad mistake in their career. You just haven't seen them.
  21. That does not make him shite. I'm f***ng sick of people with no clue calling players shite.
  22. That Guardiola must be a no-nothing cunt then as Delph played almost 100 games for City.
  23. Or maybe we shouldn't believe every rumour in the media?
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