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Question about fan psychology

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There are 2 "sports" on the planet that get the fans going crazy with passion more than the rest. Soccer and WWE. Both are designed to take fans on an emotional roller coaster over the duration of a match, a season and many years. In WWE the biggest stars have higher paying contracts, but Soccer is a team based sport with their actors being payed due to their skills with the soccer ball. As much as Soccer may have actually been legit in the past, I cannot fathom how ignorant and gullible the sports fan base is. The game is so horribly corrupted and scripted it insults the fans intelligence. WWE at least have the decency to publicly state they script their events. Whilst FIFA has huge board meetings about the issue of corruption and tricks their stupid fan base into thinking it is a legitimate sport. It truly saddens me to be a human when such a high volume of our population cannot fathom the farce that is Soccer. So many of them are so passionate that they get depressed when their team loses, at what point will governments put a stop to FIFA and their horrible psychological impact on the large populous of gullible and ignorant Soccer fans.



So the question is....


Are you a brainwashed Soccer fan that has their day ruined every time Everton lose, or do you actually realize the game is corrupt this day in age and just appreciate it for the entertainment values?

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First off its football. The only people who call it soccer are Americans.


It's a professional world wide sport, not a north American sport. If you win the world cup, you are world champions, because you beat the best players from other countries. You aren't world champions because you are the best in your country.


What is corruption? It's a form of dishonest or unethical behaviour and it will exist wherever there is money.




Balco scandal

Black sox scandal

Lance Armstrong

American football college players on salaries

NFL creaming money on pink merchandise that less than 10% goes to the cancer charity.


You are probably right, there is a lot we can learn from you in terms of corruption and the psychology of brain washing. Go Everton.

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Once the players are on the pitch there is no script....only a fool would think so.


You can cheat on the organisation and favourite the top teams....but if you watch football at all, you will know that once that whistle blows it all comes down to guts, heart, luck and skill.


Oh ye and WWE isn't a sport...it's theatre.



Edit...I am a gullible football fan that has his day truly ruined everytime Everton lose.

And I don't want to change that.

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