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West Ham Should Not Have Accepted These

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"A number of clubs - including Arsenal, Chelsea, Seville, Roma and Portsmouth - turned down the chance to take Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez as they were unwilling to agree to the terms of the deal.


Tevez and Mascherano must play in every game and can be sold at any point for a profit that will go to the company that owns the players - Media Sports Investment. (The Independent)"


the club has bought these players but doesnt have any ownership rights. that means west ham can be held to ransom in the future. they can be sold by their "owners" without west ham having any say in it!

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The simple fact is though, if these terms are true, then West Ham have accepted these terms and done so willingly. They didnt have to take these players, but the club has seen it as an oppurtunity to raise their profile and maybe get them into the Champions League so that when these players leave they will still be able to attract top players.



West Ham have taken advantage of the situation just as much as MSI.

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so if they have to play inm every single game, what happens if they are injured?

and how can they sell them at any time? there is a thing vcalled the transfer window is there?



Obviously they wont have to play if they are injured. And deals can be agreed outside of transfer windows but not actually completed. The whole thing is a farce for both parties.

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Football is getting completely fooked up these days with all these agents and agencies .


Tevez and Mascherano are both owned by a sporting agency and they have the rights to both players so where does that leave the rights of the clubs .


I just read on tele-txt today that self proclaimed '' Super Agent '' Phil Zahavi has set up an agency to invest in some of the worlds best youth talent so they actually own shares in the players and apparently this is completly legal too ( surely not :blink: ) .


Now this is all getting completly confusing for my feeble brain , does this mean that maybe 10 or 15 years down the line clubs will have to actually buy these players direct from the agencies rather than from the club leaving the club itself with absolutly no rights ????????


I'd hate to think that if AJ was owned by an agency they could just sell him off to another club without Evertons consent with no fee at all going to the Blues and i believe thats exactly what has happened at Corinthians with the 2 Argies .


The future looks bleak if all this is true . :angry:

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