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I Won A Table Tennis Table


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It's a tough one because it's such a small market I'd have thought, only really National/British league clubs. Think the last place anyone looking for that quality of table would expect to find one would be ebay, there's certainly nothing remotely like it on there at the moment! Might be worth emailing >>>THE ETTA<<<, they may offer some suggestion. Good Luck.

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Out of interest Claire, what did you think they were called? Rackets or bats? :)



Mikeo - I took your advice and rang the Table Tennis Association. They put me in touch with the guy who runs the Liverpool leagues and he said he will ask people for me.


He asked me how much I would want for it and I said £200. Probably should have said higher but at the end of the day it's money for nothing ;)


It's a lot of hassle getting it here though - the importers are having to book a lift truck to get it off the van and into the garage!!

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not allowed to call it that now, "politicaly incorrect" <_< , it offends some aisan people



It offends me and I'm not Asian :lol: , it's only called ping-pong by people who have never played it properly :angry: ...so there!


Incidentally the "paddle" is called a racket in the laws of the game but I've never heard anyone call it that in the real world...it's a bat :D .


And at £200 Louis someone's getting a hell of a bargain, I'd have pitched it higher but like you say..money for nothing...maybe you could let a club have it for that in return for renaming themselves...Toffeetalk Knotty Ash or wherever :lol: !

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Blonde Moment Claire.


And for the Record the game is Ping Pong in my paradigm, just like a road cone is a witches hat, A man hole is still a funkin Manhole, a Bolllard is a donkey dick & a Rubber get's rid of ya writng fuk ups..


ANd whilst I am 100% anti domestic voilence or anyhting akin...If Germaine Greer has a prob wif my attitudes...Ill punch the twisted old sour man thing bitch in the nose.


There glad that's out of the system.

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I can realte to the enthusiast being offended...i.e yourself mike But the whole PC game makes me just loose it.


I have similar here many ozzies for sum weird reason call Wimbledon...WIMBLETON....Oh man it get's me cut.



It's Americans butchering the language that get me Pat. Why can't they say "Terror?" Bush is currently waging a war on "Tayorism" as far as I can tell! And I know he's the most powerful man in the world...well the people pulling his strings are...but couldn't someone pluck up the courage to tell him that it's "Nuclear", not "Nucular" weapons :angry: ? FFS is it too much to ask for the man who's gonna explode the planet to be just a tiny bit literate!!!!


(another one of the little yellow ones please nursy :blink: )

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