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Jack Rodwell


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Date of Birth: 11th March 1991

Place of Birth: Southport

Position: Centre Back




He is 15yr old centre back from Southport and has been called up at England u-16 level. He has played for the Everton u-18 since he was 14. Also he is very strong and tall 6ft 2in (catching up to Peter Crouch!)


Everton u-18 manager Neil Dewsnip said: "Jack Rodwel acquitted himself very well. That bodes well for the future. It is great experience and showed he wasn't fazed by the step up and he can handle it.


His uncle is Southport's Tony Rodwell.

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Jack Rodwell plays as a centre-half and has attracted the attention of most clubs now. Apparently, Barcelona have even been in touch with him to invite him over. Chelsea have offered to relocate him and his family to London — all expenses picked up by Abramovich — including a 4 bedroom house of their choice. Liverpool and Man Utd have offered them / him all kinds of temptations, but he's standing firm (in spite of the fact that Everton have the weakest offer on the table — is it ever going to improve?) because he's a Blue.


Beckham has taken him down to London and picked him to be on his team, John Terry thinks he's amazing and he rang him the other week and advised him about sponsorship (sadly he didn't get there in time to advise him NOT to sign up to Stretford, so I expect he'll be gone soon enough to better club for a hefty fee and an even heftier commission to his agent) Adidas and Nike are both vying for his signature and have told him he'll have made his first million before he's 17 in sponsorship alone.

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