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Bakayoko Was A Bung Deal?


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Everton have been investigated over the transfer of Ibrahima Bakayoko.


Quote from Daily Express


The Ivory Coast forward was sold by Everton to Marseille on July 10 for £4m in a single payment, despite a fax from agent Dennis Roach to Jacques Santini at Lyon, saying Everton were ready to accept no less than £3.5m, or £3.2m in a single payment.


Everton payed Mike Morris of World Football in Monaco £450,000 on August 5th 1999. Apparently by Everton giving Mike Morris and World Football £450,000 (12.85 per cent of the fee), they got out of the operation only what it was, in reality, expecting. Robert-Louis Dreyfus confessed to finding the fee paid to Everton dear."

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I wouldnt laugh Andy, we'll be hung out to dry if we have broken the rules in any way, afterall the FA wouldnt want us near the top of the league so any reason to dock us points is good for them. Chelsea have gotten away with breaking with the rules a few times without punishment only because they are a big team and have probably paid off the bigwigs, but we cant do it and will be made a scapegoat I feel.

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and big sam wont?hell, even a special on panorama cant even do that big guy apparently!i wouldnt worry yet anyway, the amount of clubs that have probably been involved in or with clubs is probably going to be monumental so god knows whats going to happen when lord stevens gets his arse into gear

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Be interesting to see how it progress but to be fair even if we are found guilty we must have had our punishment already with signing Beattie and VDM


But I agree Mark if we found quilty we will be hung out to dry just like we was when we got into the Champions League and they didn't want 5 clubs they made sure we lost.

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Even if it was looks like we are safe this time around, we sold him in 1999.


Lord Stevens delivers his interim report to Premier League chairmen on his investigation into 362 transfers that took place from January 2004 to January 2006.



:D looks like were in the clear over this one lads ;)

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