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Bk Shareholder Detail Info Sunday Morning


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BK looked fookin delighted

well the guys a spurs fan lol

apparently hes class with marketing and such and branding, bit of a guru, and he wont have any realy imput into the running of the club

not really much else tbh, no great changes, business as usual hoping to continue building and perhaps to achieve a cup final or something


kinda boring

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From the Everton website, amongst other things Robert Earl said


"I believe in the club and I believe in its potential," he said. "I definitely will be bringing some of the biggest movie stars in the world to Everton.


"Sylvester Stallone absolutely loves soccer and I spoke to him about the deal last night. He said he wants to come. He has just finished the last Rocky film and will be in England next January/February to promote it so, hopefully, he'll be able to come up for a game then."


Fook me, theres a spare seat next to Sly

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Forget the pitch, lets get our priorities right.


Mike uno what it will deffo achieve.....Feeding A certain someones EGO... Me n my mate Sly, Arnie, Bab's etc woohooo...Mr Dein & co....My Stars are bigger than your stars...!!!


Impressed bet the Pie man is wood hard.

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Guest fozzie22

God help us..i mean it god help us..this is just awful news what next?..the strip changed to reflect the new found "loviness" of Everton?


Its about time that fat twat BK fucked off and sold it to a russian theres a few of them out there with REAL cash to spend not this bollocks.

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