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How Would You Describe Liverpool?


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Fom RadioCity.co.uk


Poor, un-clean, full of chavs.....well that’s how the rest of the country sees us apparently.


A survey's asked a thousand people to talk about British cities - there is some good news though.


Our city comes second in the most sporty poll while we're third in the culture stakes behind London and Edinburgh.


Chavs liverpool Honestly??


Scallies Perhaps i would accept not chavs i have never seen anyone from liverpool wearing burberry in fact i've never seen anyone wearing burberry here full stop.


:blink: another pointless poll conducted by people who have never been north of the Watford Gap.

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Mate ive in me years now been around this football called earth a bit.


And honestly, ( in a western sense) Every country, Every City, Every Region has areas, boro's, suburbs etc thatc an fall in to all the categories.


You want Chav's youll find them, junkies, hoes, crack heads, Pshyco's, Gangstas, Bikers, 7th day adventists, telephone sales people, junk mail, fast food, wife beaters, pedo's, Drunks, evangelists, doomsdayers, rich peeps, simple folk, paupers, divorcees, single mothers, Mosque's, depression, Golf courses, Court's,religious fanatics, Curry, Cult's, Clix, Clan's, the culturally duped, drones,Welfare, mortgages, higher purchase, Churches, Red nex, credit cards, ATM's, Crooked cops,Pawn shops, social elites,Charity, snobs, Middle class, working class, no class, The infirmed....


From pers exp ive found Dig deep enough & you will find these & more in pretty much evry city or large town in the western world..


Whilst, many nations like our own have internal steroetyping ( usually comm culturally produced) that really doesnt wash @ all.


I put it down to loaclised rivalries, pride of ones own area @ the detriment of another. I have never & wouldnt ever take any of it personally.


In a world away scenario - My curent location...They here describe locally as " Beautifull 1 day - Perfect The next".............Whilst the southern cousins refer to the place as the " Slum In The Sun" ( Much like us & The Manc's etc).


Many do take it personally & Is sim to when the Manc's/ Sthrners etc start on us...Never let it bothered me & always taken with a grain of salt.


Many dont.


( 2 much other crap goin on in the world personally for me to be loosin sleep over such)

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post of the day to pat


Maybe even post of the year...like that v much Pat (we should do an end of year awards ceremony...best post, best rant, most annoying RS, funniest typo, best joke, best "hairs on the back of the neck" moment and whatever...watta ya think? Pat would be an early contender for "sanest post of the year").

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Been known to ocassionaly break out in to a fit of common sense..Nah simple observations from a fella whose been around a little bit.


I like the awards idea...would be a laff...We should set up a small group & name you The " ACADEMY " to liase & forward nominations etc.


If 4 or 5 put there hands up & we could get something happening?...Let us no.


Can See it now.....And the award...( nervy pause) for...Most Bans & Warnings In a Toffetalk season ..Goes 2....( Drum Roll - its very intense now)...yes, the award goes to...Reg Reagan....!!!

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I love the idea of an award thread, the admin (small a, :P ) could decide from a list of nominations. Please feel free to add your own and between us all we can come up with a comprehensive list.


I would offer these options as a start point.


Most supportive Evertonian refusing to look facts in the face.


Least favorite RS.


Best one liner.


Most obscure pun.


Most sensible football related post.


Most sensible non-football related post.


Most irrational football related post.


Most sensible football related post.


Worst arcade offender (most played, least posted).





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Got to go against the grain Pat, total waffle worthy of a TT award for rant of the year.


As we all know (those who read the Grundian) Liverpool is filled with degenerate, low-life scum without the first idea on how to live a full and contributive life.


All Scousers are deranged drug taking degenerates, with little or no feeling for their fellow man.


Nah, spot on mate - where ever you go, there you are. There are so many people who are prepared to have a shot, without the first idea of what they are talking about.


For those of us who have raised ourselves above what is expected of us can take a nice breather and enjoy where we came from and appreciate how far we have travelled, but never forget how we got here.


I am also very drunk on some quality red wine.





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