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Additional / Injury Time

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Ok was thinking about this after Moysey getting sent off at the weekend and the numerous goals scored after additional time has officially passed.


Once the 90 mins is up why does the referee control the injury time minutes? In theory the referee could signal time up to the 4th official and he could then set a timer for the additional time to be played which ends with an automated buzzer / whistle removing any controversy with the ref's.


Just a thought but would remove alot of arguments and may have even saved us 2 points against City the other week!

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So then what if they hold up a four minute board, then on ninety mins and two seconds someone goes down like a sack of spuds when he has his body space aggressively invaded and stays writhing on the turf for three and a half minutes?


Has to be flexibility....or go the Rugby Union way. In the last world cup (not always I don't think) the clock was stopped when the ball was out of play, there was a separate timekeeper operating the stadium clock...all the ref had to do was blow the whistle when the ball went out of play after time was up (cue much England celebration and Mike nearly crashes his car..another story :lol: )!


Don't see why that wouldn't work...though I'm sure we'll find some :D !

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Im sure in myd ay running around itw as left tot he Ref's discretion.


However, in these days of mega $$$ Footy, The authorities seem to have taken another possible rortable topic/action etc & simply taken out of the referees hands really.


Though as per the norm, the suits havent got it right.


Back 2 the drawing board.

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