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Lua Lua

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You certainly shouldn't judge Pompey fans by this...what Lualua said was..


“I do not mind if people criticise me for my football but people who are supposed to support me have said they are glad my son is dead, and that I am a wife-beater and a playboy.


“I do not deserve that and my family do not deserve that.


“It has been the worst year of my life and I cannot wait for it to end.


“I am hurt and confused by what the fans have been saying.


“I read newspapers and internet message boards and a lot of what has been said about me has deeply affected me. It has become personal."


We get complete psychos on here from time to time saying sick stuff...should all Evertonians be judged to be the same as them?


I can't begin to understand the grief the man must have suffered, and still be suffering, but he shouldn't judge Pompey fans by a few nutters.

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